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Why Won't Conservatives Just Drop Social Issues?

Anominus Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 7:48 PM
There are no abortions which "ARE medically necessary." Anencephalic fetuses (fetus is Latin for baby) are typically dead before birth or almost immediately following birth. Do you also espouse the murder of terminal patients? Over 90% of abortions are elective, meaning not medicall necessary. If these women chose to have sex, thereby becoming pregnant, why should they not be expected to take responsibility for their actions, especially with the consideration of the life of the baby on the line? Even in the example of rape, why should the innocent child be punished for the crimes of its father? Name one other crime where the victim is permitted to kill or harm another innocent person in order to alleviate their own suffering.

Good question, and one that was asked of me by a conservative veterinarian friend of mine last week. He is completely on board with conservative fiscal principles, (when applied), but he doesn’t understand WHY we on the “Religious Right” are still concerned about abortion, gay marriage, etc. “You need to drop it”, he said.

Let me try to explain why we don’t and why we shouldn’t. Those of us on the Religious Right, contrary to popular belief, are not interested in taking away rights from those who disagree with us. We’re just trying to maintain what rights we have left....

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