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What's Wrong with Public Nudity?

Anominus Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 1:54 PM
This article's prime purpose is to demonstrate the intentions of the left in pushing for public nudity - it's an assault on the Christian values our culture is based upon. The religious arguments against public nudity do not preclude secular arguments, so the final conclusion is definitely reaching, but I still wouldn't put it past a liberal judge to ignore both the religious and secular arguments in favor of creating some "right" to public nudity.
If you want to understand Leftism -- and everyone needs to because it has been the most dynamic religion of the last one hundred years -- one good place to start is with San Francisco.

Or perhaps more precisely -- with nudity.

And even more precisely -- with public nudity.

Last month, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted by the barest (pun not intended) margin -- 6 to 5 -- to ban public nudity. By public nudity, the law refers only to displaying one's genitals in public. San Francisco women are still free to walk around topless. But that is not unique...

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