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Disobeying the Neighborhood Watch Rule to 'Stay In Your Car'

Anominus Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 11:57 AM
Of course it's not "cut and dried." The media, prosecutor and judge have all done their best to ensure that a great deal of intrigue remain in this case. The media started it by injecting race, and as black people still feel the need to stand up for even the WORST of their kind, they swiftly jumped into a state of race-hyping hysteria, even going so far as to "bleach" George Zimmerman as a "typical white person" (in the words of Obammy). The prosecutor made it worse by hiding evidence (cell phone texts and images detailing "innocent" Trayvon's racism and love of drugs and underage porn) and misrepresenting facts in a very similar manner to what happened in the Duke "rape" case. This laughingstock of a judge, who should have thrown this case out from the beginning, sealed Trayvon's delinquency records and refused to allow information which demonstrated that he was not as "innocent" as he was being made out to be, permitted scurrilous "witnesses" to testify on behalf of Martin's character. This whole case was nothing but a joke, engineered by the race-baiters and the media, to feed Obama's continuing maxim that America is a racist country. In a way, he's right - America IS still a "racist country," but that would be thanks to the herd mentality of black people (who admitted to voting overwhelmingly for Obama because of his skin color) who will stand up (ie. riot) to defend murderers and rapists just because they share the same race. Sick!