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The Return of Illegal Immigration

Anominus Wrote: Sep 26, 2013 11:27 AM
Chapman, shut up. It's already been proven that the "decline" in illegal immigration didn't have as much to do with the "recession" as it did with the Obama administration's manipulation of the numbers. In truth, the illegal flood has basically continued unabated due to the lack of law enforcement, unlawful passage of the Dream Act through executive fiat, and all the other promises of welfare and other garbage which encourages illegals and their families to sneak across the border. If we truly wanted to get rid of these illegals, then all we need to do is enforce the law - employers who knowingly hire illegals need to be shut down and welfare needs to be audited (if not entirely ended). Without any opportunity of work or government aid, the invaders will have no chance at life in this country. They will either starve or go home.