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Stand For Life

Anominus Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 4:17 PM
"Anominus, you ignore answers I've already given you: Science says nothing about what makes comprises a person. " Your "answers," such as they are, have been proven false. If facts cannot be used to determine what "comprises a person," (ie. personhood is unprovable) then personhood cannot be considered a legal standard. Science has proven that a human fetus is a living human organism. Either all living human organisms are "persons" under the law, or you dismiss the 14th Amendment and the inalienable right to life, as well as justify slavery by means of inherent human inequality.

Editor’s note: Dr. Adams will speak at Christ Church Lutheran Church in Phoenix, AZ on January 19. The speech, which is part of the Voices for the Voiceless "Redefine" Conference, will begin shortly after the conference opens at 8 am. Dr. Adams will then go to Minneapolis to speak at the Minnesota Youth for Life Conference on January 21. The all-day conference will be at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

A former student recently emailed that she was disappointed that I had gotten so heavily involved with the student pro-life movement in recent years. She said she could remember a time when...