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Memo to Christian Troops: ‘We’ve Got Your Back’

Anominus Wrote: May 14, 2013 12:09 PM
"They invoke God as if God has left them in charge to decide who deserves human and civil rights, who deserves to live, who deserves to be married or what jobs or birth control they can access." Everyone is free to vote and propose laws, regardless of their reasons for doing so. If people choose to vote in line with their Christian influenced conscience, more power to them - they have every right to do so, as do people who choose to vote in line with their atheistic conscience. If anyone is determining "who has a right to live," look no further than the atheistic left, which openly pursues eugenics, abortion and euthanasia. Once again, it is the left which is constantly violating human rights (right to life, private property, etc.), and trying to restrict civil rights to the land of "special minorities." Everyone already has the same right to marriage, and they are free to purchase whatever birth control they desire. Women have the greatest freedom whereever Christianity was the law of the land - leftist amorality and atheism reduces them to nothing more than "consequence free" sex toys.