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GOP Folly

Anominus Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:32 PM
Linda, the pro-illegal invasion hispanics, yourself included, are a big part of the problems our country faces: Crime: Illegal aliens break the law when they enter this country, then they break the law again when they get a job, apply for social benefits, and steal identification in order to create new lives here. They enable drug smugglers and human traffickers, and, many of these people escaping the Mexican State cesspool are actually hardened criminals - child molesters, rapists, drug addicts, murderers. As such, why would anyone expect them to suddenly respect the law as far as voting? These criminals, regardless of their reasons for coming here, need to be shown the door, not catered to in the hopes of garnering their votes!
Anominus Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 2:03 PM
The only possible solution is to ensure that the law is carried out, that illegals and their anchor babies are deported whenever found and that voter ID laws are engaged to prevent them from further abusing our nation. The borders must be sealed, our welfare systems inspected and revised, and employers placed under strict scrutiny to ensure that the reasons illegals come here are denied to them.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 8:15 PM

There's just one problem for you, anonimo. You just got your candidate for pres steamrolled. He is roadkill and you wasted your vote.

If we'd had a share of the Hispanic vote in America, we might have gotten Mitt elected. But the worst president in US history kicked your butt. Simply because he got the Hispanic vote we should be harvesting.

And YOU still think you have the clout to "seal the border?" How stupid van you be?

Tim341 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 8:43 PM
The only way to outpander the Dems for the "Hispanic vote" is to tear up the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 9:34 PM

You lack imagination. When all of them get amnesty; they'll eat out of Obama's hand. And since they'll never give you their vote, you'll never elect a future president.

However; we-- non-racists of the GOP, will cultivate the Latino conservative vote. You shall crawl for it afterward.
Anominus Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:58 PM
Society: Illegal aliens invade our country, then claim they are "forced to hide in the shadows," as they mooch off our welfare. They feel entitled because of the "racism" they are told, by democrats and limp-wristed RINO's, all Americans engage in. They have an innate hatred for America and its values because of the mythical land of Aztlan they believe we "stole" from them. Rather than merging with our society, they instead create pocket "Mexicos" in the ghettos, with all the crime and filth implied.
Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 8:10 PM

You are seemingly proud to spout racist hate speech here in plain view. Racists such as you don't even put a good face on it. You hate Mexicans. And you spout that BS about "values." Your only values are racisn and white supremacy.

Anominus Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 1:40 PM
Economy: Illegal aliens steal jobs from lawful citizens. They work "under the table" for lower salaries, which makes it difficult to ensure fair pay for legitimate workers who must be paid at least a minimum wage. The majority of them pay no taxes, yet feel entitled to use our welfare systems. They flood our hospitals and schools, receiving "free" care and education (paid for by taxpayers, of course).
There may be no single, simple explanation why Mitt Romney lost the election this week -- but clearly the perception that the GOP is anti-Hispanic didn't help. For years, I've been warning my fellow conservatives that their position on immigration would be costly, not just politically but for the economy as well.

The election results definitively proved the former. The Hispanic vote was decisive in denying Romney a win in Colorado, Nevada, Florida and possibly Virginia. Without winning more Hispanic votes, the Republican Party may be doomed to permanent minority status.

Hispanics are the fastest growing population in the country....