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Hmm... I thought those were part of the prophylactic package when it comes to Sandra Fluke - ear plugs, blinders, bleach - don't get in bed with her without those items, at least! Better yet, just don't get in bed with her... ewgh!
You're the one who stated "as well," lolo. I'm not sure why you insist on talking to that mirror - you know that's not a real person in there, right?
" well"? Does that mean you agree that the black protesters are ignorant, lolo? Of course, considering that you are completely ignorant, your statement lacks much meaning.
Except that you are only half right: One side has decided the shooting is unjustified and racial, while the other side has not "decided" anything, but is successfully dismantling the other side's argument by assembling the bits of evidence as they come out, such as the character of the deceased (robbing a convenience store and assaulting a clerk is not a good place to start) and the character of the "eyewitnesses" (shot while running away, even though the bullets all entered from the front?).
Agreed, my point is simply that the "peaceful" protesters created this environment in the first place, by rushing to an uninformed "guilty" verdict against a police officer, based solely on the race of the deceased. The protests turned to riots on Day 1, so it's not like this started out as "peacefully" as some of the media is trying to make it sound. If people had waited until the facts came out, and an actual injustice was exposed (rather than assumed), I expect the tone of the protests would be quite different and much more controlled. Now that the facts are contradicting their argument, the protesters are locked into their racial paranoia and denial, just like what happened with the Trayvon Martin case.
I agree, slavery is long passed, and it's time for everyone to act like it. I'm not interested in "reparations," just pointing out the absurdity of holding up all the offenses of the past as some sort of "meal ticket," particularly when the modern individuals never actually dealt with that bit of history.
The rabble-rousers aren't interested in facts - rousing the rabble is how they fill their bank accounts and stay in power. Also, if the "good people of Ferguson" were interested in halting the injustices caused by the rioters and looters, they would stay home, rather than knowingly providing a sheltering environment for violent thugs. Of course, they won't do that either, because they are too busy running on the standard emotional racist meme.
Feel free to point out ONE falsehood in my comment. I'm going to presume that you can't, which is why you are playing the race card. The klan was founded by Democrats and still operates primarily in Democrat circles - they are simply the white alternative to the NAACP. Robert Byrd, Democrat senator for 59 years, and lifelong member of the KKK, was one of yours, lolo. Even after he openly "denounced" the KKK, (having already served as "Exalted Cyclops" of his local chapter for about 10 years) he still helped filibuster the 1964 Civil Rights Act, voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 1968 Civil Rights Act and associated with all the other segregationists and racists in the Dem party for the rest of his career.
That hasn't stopped you from casting your evidence-and-logic free judgments in the past...
I apologize in advance to the small portion of the black population that actually manages to live successful, civilized lives alongside the rest of us, but you are the exception, not the rule. When can whites start demanding reparations from blacks? There hasn't been any slavery for 150 years, yet blacks still take every opportunity to riot, loot, vandalize, assault and terrorize the rest of our society as though they were just off the boat from Africa. They kill eachother for no reason but "street cred," and no one bats an eye, but if one of their mad dogs gets put down by a non-black, no matter what crime he was committing, they go ballistic. I wonder - had our colonial-era ancestors known the future consequences of importing "the help," would they have still done it? Going passed that, had they known, would our Civil War ancestors have permitted any "former slaves" to remain in this country, or would they have sent them all back to Africa?
We don't punish Germany for its (you misused "it's," grammar Nazi) recent past, but we DO punish those who actively continue Hitler's legacy of racism and genocide. That's no different from criticizing the despicable monsters who have religiously taken on Sanger's bloody mantle. And if you don't think that PP and the modern abortion industry are connected to "Sanguine" Sanger, then please explain to me why they have a ceremony for the MARGARET SANGER AWARD EVERY YEAR? Why are multiple abortion abattoirs named in her "honor"? You can lie all you like about this matter, but your willful ignorance is only fooling one person - yourself. If you can give me an example of continuing Japanese internment in America, then you might have a leg to stand on. In reality, you've got nothin' but the standard, mindless, lying "talking points" of the left. Truly pathetic.
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