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Why? Virginity is a virtue - there's no need to be graphic.
The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend, Conch.
Agreed. Ironically, the "Golden Age of Islam" was brought about, not by moslems (who did little, other than increase tolerance for infidels), but by the non-moslems living in conquered regions. They managed to borrow from Christian sciences and social concepts, including art and literature.
No, the best recruitment tool we can hand them is the continued perception of our weakness and the continued perception of their own strength.
Ask the moslems about "what annihilation looks like" - they have stated exactly what they plan to do to us "infidels," and all the rest of their enemies.
No, the arabs hate us because they are moslems and we are not. This is the same fight that has been going on since Mohammed was gettin' busy with his eight-year old bride.
The real threat from ISIS lies in their recruitment of people from Western civilization. These traitorous moslem vermin already have passports and can legally return to their home countries, then simply bide their time, waiting for their chance to strike at our vulnerable targets. They have been testing means of doing great harm (targeting our infrastructure, food, water, electricity and transport, particularly), but their ultimate goal is to expand recruitment in their host nations and eventually achieve a dirty nuke. They don't need a navy, army or air force to accomplish this.
Islam IS the underlying problem in the Middle East. They continue to operate under the same, stone-aged mindset they always have. As such, they understand the "time-honored" concept of hostage-taking. Instead of taking people hostage, we take their holy sites hostage. Giving them a mental image of their most precious Kaaba, the black stone of Mecca, currently surrounded by their greatest mosque and the subject of the hajj, which all moslems are required to perform within their lifetimes, indistinguishable from a surrounding sea of blackened glass, should work wonders in diminishing their desire to bring violence to us.
The "moderates" in Syria are all ISIS members. "ISIS" stands for "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria." Bobo's administration has been trying to re-label them as ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) to hide this fact. The pretender on the American throne has no interest in defeating ISIS - they perfectly represent his personal ideology.
They don't have to be defeated - they have to be annihilated, and their ideology pounded to dust. ISIS is doing nothing differently from what moslems did and have done since the time of Mohammed. Every time moslems have been permitted to rise to power, they have waged war on their neighbors until they are defeated. It's a cycle. The problem is that the "cycle" has been broken, due to the ease of worldwide communication and the possibility of obtaining weapons of mass destruction, not to mention the unwillingness of the modern "civilized" world to actually address the problem - islam itself. This time, the end result will truly be a war of annihilation, Western Civilization versus moslem caliphate.
The "coalition" was destined for failure since its inception. The Iraqi troops are as likely to stab us in the back as they are to shoot at ISIS goons. The Saudis have gouged the USA on oil prices in order to fund groups like ISIS for decades, but, now that ISIS is a threat to their political power, they want us to fight a war for them. Obama, who will never admit that Islam is the underlying problem in the Middle East, still wants to arm ISIS in Syria to bring down Assad, but fight ISIS everywhere else. Let the moslems butcher eachother - if they choose to threaten anyone else, just let them know that we can nuke Mecca, Medina and all their blood-stained "holy" sites at any time, to the point that no moslem will be going on a "haj" for a few centuries, unless they want radiation poisoning.
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