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Until there is some evidence to the contrary, I'd say the issue is pretty well "settled." After decades of searching, there is still no proof that homosexuality is inherent, but there is a great deal of evidence that it is purely a social construct. Most of the factors to the contrary seem to be the product of intentional obfuscation on the part of the biased health organizations and media. Granted, a lack of evidence is not enough to disprove something entirely, so there's always a chance.
"Orientation" is just a fancy substitute for "preference." Preferences are learned behaviors. The only proof of homosexuality is behavior. All behavior relies on choice. My point is made. Religion is a Constitutionally-protected issue. You are free to get "married" according to your religion, but you don't have the right to redefine marriage to fit your whims against the will of the rest of society. Your religious beliefs are as protected as mine. The issue here is that of marriage in society. Traditional marriage is a socially beneficial institution, as it provides the single, best means of producing and raising children to be productive individuals, as has been proven through the centuries. Homosexual "marriage" produces nothing of value to society and serves no purpose worthy of recognition. If anything, it encourages more people to engage in "alternative lifestyles" which have higher rates of domestic violence, drug abuse and suicide.
Except that in every case of a business being shut down, with regards to homosexual activists, it is always at the behest of the government. The reality is that you perverts don't have nearly so much standing with the public as you seem to think, particularly when it comes to attacking the rights of a small business owner. That's why the majority of states that have "legalized" homosexual "marriage" have done so through judicial activism or special action through the legislature / executive order, rather than a popular vote.
"And accepting it or disowning is a choice by definition." As is practicing homosexuality in the first place.
We can insert any form of judgment into secular law that we wish. You have no authority to command how we vote. Whine on, pervert.
Homosexuals aren't being "singled out" by the state - THEY are singling THEMSELVES out. They are already free to marry according to the same standards as everyone else, in which case they are entitled to the same benefits married people enjoy. Instead, they want to rewrite the laws to favor their preferences without having the requisite majority of votes from society. Homosexuality is a behavior - it has no constitutional basis for being considered a "protected status" (like religion, race or sex). Any case brought for "homosexual rights" should be thrown out of court.
Bundy already pays "rent," right alongside the rest of the citizenry. We call it TAXES.
Most drug offenders aren't arrested on drug crimes, unless they are doing something which directly poses a threat to the people around them (DUI for instance). And, saying that drug offenders "have not harmed anyone" is more than a bit of a stretch, considering how many crimes are committed by people trying to get money to feed their addictions (theft, robbery, murder, arson, smuggling, etc.).
"An imprint is not a mask, it is a new brand which allows a publisher to print books that would otherwise damage the original brand." That description sure makes it sound like a mask to me. It's essentially creating a separate identity for the sake of hiding.
The only reason to "shoot the publisher" is that, after having decided to publish this travesty of a book, they have gone to great lengths to hide their actions. They are cowards and hypocrites.
Intentionally taking the life of an innocent human is murder. That is the most basic legal definition. A human, according to the most basic scientific definition, is a living organism which naturally possesses human DNA within its cells. Clearly, your ability to comprehend the law or science is substandard, at best, and borderline insane, at worst. You should really work on that before you decide to speak on these subjects.
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