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Are you willing to turn a blind eye to the devil and hope nothing bad will happen if you just sit idle?
Who was the "person dying of hypothermia"? I find this extremely unlikely to be true, considering that even the people who fell into 28 degree water when the Titanic sank took between 15-30 minutes to die when completely immersed, and most of them died because they drown, rather than simply freezing to death.
Which ones were tortured, but were innocent? Also, how were they found to be innocent? Name names, if you please. The "people" (and I use the term as loosely as possible) detained in GTMO were picked up as enemy combatants, meaning they were armed and engaging in hostile actions at the time they were captured. Their association with terrorist organizations was proven (usually through corroborating photos and testimony) before they were transferred to GTMO. I think you are grasping at straws.
It is morally acceptable to torture someone plotting / engaging in a terrorist act, and I mean real torture - beatings, starvation, mangling / removal of limbs, etc., not sleep deprivation, waterboarding or being forced to listen to loud music - in order to prevent that act from coming to fruition. Obviously, the information obtained by these methods must be carefully weighed and verified, but we have a duty to do whatever we can to save lives. That doesn't mean you can torture his family if they are innocent of his crime.
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WWJT: Who Would Jesus Torture?

Anominus Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 11:13 AM
You need to do some more thinking.
And you are an expert at drawing false equivalencies.
More like killing a few innocents to take out thousands of terrorists. "Hitler and his crew" brainwashed Germans into believing they were the "master race" and bent them on the path of dominating all other races. The Jews, who were not aggressors in any way, but made an easy scapegoat due to their wealth and minority status, were just one of many groups which faced extermination. Unlike the situation in WW2, the poor, persecuted (/sarcasm) moslems ARE the aggressors. They ARE bent on dominating the world and all its peoples, just as they have been since the time of Mohammed. They have proven themselves to be incapable of tolerating the slightest differences, and more than willing to engage in the worst acts of violence.
Moslem words are meaningless - they may try to distance themselves from acts like this to appear "reasonable," but in reality, their book demands just this sort of thing. Pakistan has knowingly sheltered terrorists, Taliban and Al Quaida, alike, within its borders for years. The moslem community is not shocked and outraged that 130 children and teachers were massacred - they are shocked and outraged that they finally got a taste of their own poison. This is the world they have wrought, and would spread over our civilization, and they certainly deserve it, though the children certainly don't. If this were a Christian or Jewish school, the moslems wouldn't say a word.
What potential allies? Before we even opened the box, Bonehead Boehner and *itch McConnell were plotting this treachery. As is made absolutely clear by this action (and myriad others), the GOP establishment is an ally of the Democrats, not of conservatives. These are not people to be "won over," they are tyrants to be deposed and traitors to be disposed of.
Yes, "cromnibus" is a good term for this for this heaping pile of abuse and (long-predicted) betrayal. You can take it as either "cromwellian" - harkening back to Oliver Cromwell, the murderous anti-Catholic dictator and slayer of priests, or just "crom" from either the bloody, child-devouring, old Irish deity Crom Cruach, or even Conan the Cimmerian's god of doom and gloom. This bill is truly "By Crom!"
Daniel, I'm hoping you were being sarcastic when you said it was "Hard to reconcile this online letter with his alleged actions." His letter declared Western civilization as "criminal" and urged moslems to bring about "peace" by annihilating "criminals" (non-moslems). He's letting his murderous actions speak for him - taking that "one step towards peace."
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