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Technically, it's "Thou shalt not commit murder." Murder is the unjustifiable killing of another person.
Moslems may have the "right" to live and worship in this country, but that doesn't mean we should welcome, encourage or emulate them in any way. There is nothing worthwhile about islam, other than a lesson in "how not to behave."
The Mexican government makes bank when its citizens send funds back to their families. Also, illegals have free access to our medical and educational services, allowing the Mexican government to cut down on welfare costs in their own country.
On a side note, I think it's hilarious that you can moan about hypocrisy, then bring up David Duke. All the years Duke spent in the KKK, he was a registered Democrat as well. Duke is as guilty as lifelong Democrat senator and KKK Member Robert Byrd, but I guess Byrd is ok in your book - he was a Democrat, after all! Duke founded a group called the National American Association of White People (NAAWP), which engaged in the same behavior as the National American Association of Colored People (NAACP), so if one is racist, they BOTH are. Perkins purchased the mailing list Duke used for fundraising during his 1996 Senatorial Campaign - it was not the "Klan's mailing list."
There is nothing unethical about decrying paraphilias. To prove an "ethics violation" you would need a specific act, while on duty, demonstrating harassment or unfair treatment of homosodomites.
"If this fire chief really wants to convince us that he is NOT anti-gay, he needs to reject the "help" of these organizations." No, he doesn't. None of those other people matter. Cochran doesn't need to do anything. He wasn't inciting violence, engaging in harassment, or anything illegal or immoral. He stated his personal beliefs - all of which are common across anyone who believes in the Bible - and was fired for it. The mayor who fired him is the one who is actually discriminating in the workplace. The mayor needs to prove that he's not anti-Christian, and avoid associating with all the usual homosodomites who have called for everything from the burning of churches to the rape and murder of the families of their opponents. Of course, actions are worth a thousand words, so the mayor already proved that he IS, in fact, anti-Christian and anti-Free Speech.
Mittens going for loss number three...
@James: I think blood will flow regardless of whether it’s wanted or not – that is the way of the world. The question is whether it will be the blood of innocents flowing for no reason, the blood of patriots flowing for a just cause, or the blood of tyrants flowing as a result of justice, or some combination of the three? I expect the last “option” to be the most likely.
And there you have the reality of it – This incident will be used by the French government to crack down on private gun ownership and increase police (state) power. François Hollande is just as much a socialist as Obama, meaning he will not let this crisis “go to waste,” so to speak. No one learns their history lessons – that’s why we continue to our current crop of Neville Chamberlains to placate, tolerate and negotiate with these bloody-handed murderers and dictators.
What a bunch of lying cowards! Someone with a death wish does not take hostages. If they are to be taken seriously, then what they are really trying to do is draw in more victims. On the one hand, it’d be great if these vermin were captured alive. They deserve to spend the rest of their miserable existence in a waking nightmare. They should be imprisoned in tiny cells, starved (unless they enjoy pork!) and beaten every day, but never to the point they die from it. If they try to kill themselves, every action should be taken to preserve their lives, until they eventually die from old age, with the full knowledge that they never achieved their desired martyrdom. On the other hand, I’m not sure it’s worth tarnishing our souls, not to mention the trouble and expense, of keeping these scumbags alive, particularly with the understanding that we are simply sending them off to their eternal, fiery reward – hardly the moslem paradise they are expecting.
Considering the general lack of coverage when liberals screw up, particularly compared to the absolute frenzy when conservatives do the same, I don't have a specific example for you right now. There have been many instances of liberal academia spouting their hatred of Christians and conservatives in general. Deandre Poole, liberal professor at Florida Atlantic University and vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democrat Party, decided to make an act of desecration into a “lesson” in his book “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach.” He got to keep his publicly-funded position. Charles Angeletti, of the Metropolitan State University of Denver, wrote a modified “pledge of allegiance,” moaning about all he HATES about conservatives, then forced his students to recite it. He claimed it was “satire,” and got to keep his publicly-funded position. There are also many examples of liberals demonstrating their hatred for Christians and conservatives in general, particularly when the Democrat convention booed God to be of similar nature. Also, consider the fact that a liberal mayor, Tom Menino of Boston, along with many other minor liberal bureaucrats across the country, banned Chick Fila from opening restaurants in “their cities,” not because of any policy, but because the founder DARED to state his personal beliefs. You don’t think that sort of behavior has a “chilling effect” on liberty? Why is it permissible to discriminate against Christians for stating their beliefs or engaging in their perfectly legal behaviors, but not ok to discriminate against homosodomites for their beliefs / behaviors? Even if you consider the two bodies of belief / behavior to be equal (I do not, as there is a specific reference to religion in the Constitution, but no similar mention of any paraphilia), there is no Constitutional justification for favoring one over the other.
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