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These riots are nothing more than an excuse for those who are black on the outside to reveal the darkness within themselves. They are enraged by their own ineptitude, and they don't even know it. Instead of addressing the fundamental problems of black culture (the celebration of violence, ignorance and personal failure), they are encouraged, by politicians and the media, to blame their anger on concepts like slavery (which they have never experienced), racism (which they often engage in) and the general "unfairness" of life in the USA. This does nothing but reinforce the cycle of rage and despair that so many blacks have locked themselves into, but of course, it is used to grand effect, by scoundrels like Sharpton and Obama, to drum up support for their personal schemes. Honestly, with behavior like this, I am entirely unsurprised that the ancestors of the blacks in Africa sold the ancestors of the blacks in America as slaves. These riots do nothing more than convince me that I am correct in wishing that my ancestors had the common sense to repatriate all the newly freed slaves back to Africa after the Civil War.
Of course, we would never have heard anything about this is Brown were killed by another black, either.
Is the result "predictable" because the system is unjust, or because we already know that when a thug (of any color) assaults an armed individual (police officer or not) and is killed, self-defense is a valid justification?
You claim not to support anti-discrimination laws, yet you turn a blind eye to the fact that homosodomites regularly use said legislation to harass, punish and silence their opponents. In other words, you don't support the laws, but you do support those who openly put such laws in place and use them for their own benefit. You are a useful idiot for the homosodomite cause, in the same vein as the useful idiots for the communist cause during Lenin's time - that is a FACT. And again, "no churches have been forced to perform same sex 'marriages' in the USA, yet." A couple years ago, you could say "no private businesses have been forced to serve homosodomites in the USA." It's a statement that only stands, until, suddenly, it doesn't! I'm sure you will be shocked and surprised when it does happen.
And what is the compelling interest in denying the privileges of marriage to a single person without a partner? What is government's interest in encouraging couples to get married? The state does not offer any contracts, it offers licenses (which should be evidence enough that marriage is *not* a right). The contract is formed between two parties (or more parties, according to polygamists), neither of which is the government. The government has no ability to offer benefits to one type of contract yet refuse those benefits in another type of contract. My point is that the homosodomite agenda has rendered the social aspect of "marriage" into an incredible irony.
The kid may or may not be legal, at least, according to the asinine interpretation of the 14th Amendment. The simple solution is to offer the family a choice: Take the kids with you or find an appropriate guardian, who is a US citizen and can take care of the kids without relying on welfare.
"it is working out well as no churches have been forced to perform same sex marriages in the USA so far" Fixed it! You seem to be forgetting that, up until a couple years ago, no private businesses had been forced to either violate their religious / moral beliefs by complying with homosodomite demands or be shut down by government. It has always been the way of these perverts to appear reasonable and act incrementally, right up until the point where they don't. No one (with a functional brain in their head) is shocked by their antics anymore. Besides, the homosodomites don't even need to "win" in court - they just need to find a sympathetic judge who will keep the frivolous case open as long as possible so they can drive up costs in a lengthy legal battle, in the hopes of forcing a settlement. Society is in flux, due to useful idiots, like yourself, who have been blindly pushing for ridiculous "anti-discrimination" legislation, which could never pass an honest Constitutional review, and heavy-handed, ridiculously-biased judicial activists, who rule according to their own perverse social agenda. If the religious rights of individuals can be crushed upon the demand of a vocal, deviant minority, then all religious freedom will soon face a similar end.
Except that "CIVIL marriage" is NOT a government issue - without the religious aspect, there is no difference between it and any other legal contract, as demonstrated by the incredible idiocy of allowing convicted mass murderers, who have no possibility of release (crosses fingers and glares at stupid, bloody-handed democrats) to "marry." Everyone already has the right to form such contracts. However, the government really has no authority to offer any special benefits to people who draw up a marriage-like contract, because then they are discriminating against people who have not drawn up a marriage-like contract. Conversely, if the government is going to offer special benefits, just as homosodomites chose not to get married, yet have been granted all the benefits of marriage, single persons, who choose not to get married should ALSO receive said benefits, whether they have a partner or not.
There is nothing "temporary" about this act of tyranny. It is intended to be permanent law, and is clearly only being ordered because Congress has, thus far, been unable / unwilling to enact legislation to Obama's liking. The president has no authority to issue such legislation.
It's important to be realistic here, but you are an idiot. Obama has always been this "deep" in his unconstitutional abuse of executive power. Cruz is proposing a somewhat meager response to Obama's tyranny, but it is fully within the power of Congress and violates no laws. One is an outright radical, who has been proven to be willing to do ANYTHING, including lying, repeatedly, to the American people, while the other is an outspoken, law-abiding representative of the American people. There is no comparison.
Just the nominees? How about blocking EVERYTHING the Democrats propose? All they have to offer is treason, anyway. Shut the government down! Of course, the Establishment / RINO types all want amnesty, especially Bonehead Boehner and *itch McConnell, so they will make some "angry" noises and stomp their feet, all while winking at Obama to tell him to go ahead with his executive tyranny.
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