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Public accommodation laws are illegal. They are a direct violation of the Constitutional freedom of association, the right to private property and the right to refuse service.
Apparently, you don't know your history, at all. Hitler was legally appointed into a position of power (Chancellor) by the democratically elected President Hindenburg. During his rise to power, most of what Hitler did, he did legally, because he was able to push legislation (like the Enabling Act and the Reichstag Fire Decree) which gave him an ever increasing array of powers, which he used to limit and eliminate all opposition. Germany's government was not overthrown by Hitler - the citizenry watched it all happen, and many cheered as it happened.
That's a state law or a city ordinance - it does not supersede the rights bestowed by the US Constitution, and clearly violates the freedom of association, freedom of religion and private property, among others.
So, you think people should be compelled to offer their private property (still a service) to other people, against their will? You are still dead wrong.
No, he wouldn't. Individuals have no right to compel service from another individual. Businesses reserve the right to refuse service for ANY reason. The alternative is slavery.
Oblivious Dean, a lawsuit is initiated when someone files a petition against another person or organization, alleging some harm. Did the Knapps file a petition? No? Then they did not initiate a lawsuit. It's not an automatic occurrence. Religious freedom is an individual right - it is not restricted to churches only, or only while in church. This is a private business owned and run by individuals. They reserve the right to refuse service. Your attempt to force them to render services unwillingly, is a revival of slavery.
Freedom of religion is not restricted to churches. It is an individual right. You lose, again. Go crawl back into your hole.
You haven't been "right" in a single post, JF4... You still haven't explained why you are attempting to revive the practice of slavery in our country, by forcing individuals to provide service against their will. Why is that?
Sorry, just getting even for beating me on the earlier response! j/k
The pastors are not "acting on behalf of the government" anymore than a title company is. They are required to file certain documents with the government, but they operate their business on their own behalf. Your "reasoning" fails. The right to refuse service can only be "false" in the eyes of a pro-slavery tyrant or a mindless, ideologically-bound stooge.
A business is composed of people. That is fact, all the way from a basic, sole proprietorship up to the largest of corporations. There is nothing that says business owners forfeit their Constitutional rights. So yes, the business owners, private individuals, are being forced to provide a service against their will.
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