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Freedom of religion is not restricted to churches. It is an individual right. You lose, again. Go crawl back into your hole.
You haven't been "right" in a single post, JF4... You still haven't explained why you are attempting to revive the practice of slavery in our country, by forcing individuals to provide service against their will. Why is that?
Sorry, just getting even for beating me on the earlier response! j/k
The pastors are not "acting on behalf of the government" anymore than a title company is. They are required to file certain documents with the government, but they operate their business on their own behalf. Your "reasoning" fails. The right to refuse service can only be "false" in the eyes of a pro-slavery tyrant or a mindless, ideologically-bound stooge.
A business is composed of people. That is fact, all the way from a basic, sole proprietorship up to the largest of corporations. There is nothing that says business owners forfeit their Constitutional rights. So yes, the business owners, private individuals, are being forced to provide a service against their will.
Most people respect themselves enough to not engage in perverted, harmful paraphilias, like homosexuality, so respecting others by that same measure fulfills Christ's commandment. Seriously, willie boi, is this the best you can do?
Forcing someone to serve someone else, against their will, for ANY reason, is just wrong. Slavery died a couple centuries ago - why are you trying so hard to revive it?
Willie boi, we haven't "disavowed" any biblical passages - the old laws (Leviticus) have been tempered by the greatest commandment. Their eternal condemnations remain in place, but their earthly punishments are no longer binding. So no, it's not Christianity that you are dealing with. You really should try using your brain before you spout this drivel.
Jim Crow never died - the left just tossed a sheet over it and called it "fairness" and "equality," both of which are enforced at the point of the government's guns, and of course, you libertines fell for it, hook, line and sinker! Feel free to explain why you feel businesses (organizations made up of individuals) should be forced, against their will, to provide services?
1. The freedom of religion is not limited to "while in church" - it is an individual right which covers all aspects of daily life. 2. The state has no authority to enforce "non-discrimination" laws with regards to private individuals. Even attempting to do so is a violation of EVERY right listed in the US Constitution. 3. This couple is a sole proprietorship, so forcing their business to perform "wedding ceremonies" is the same thing as forcing them, personally to provide a service against their will, ignoring the right to refuse service, the right to private property and the freedom of association. Those are monumental issues, but you probably can't see them because you are wearing blinders. Ditch the ideology and try again.
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