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"Motive not yet clear"? Seriously?
Abortion and slavery both function on the same mechanism - stripping one group of people of their fundamental rights, due to their differences, to allow them to be abused as desired.
If I ever see you getting stabbed in a dark alleyway, should I simply continue on my way? I could make the excuse that "my personal view is against stabbing people, but who am I to enforce that opinion on anyone else?"
"Personally, I don’t summarily object when the party endorses “moderate” candidates from blue states. Republicans after all are playing to win. But conservatives -- understandably -- have the right to criticize and take issue with any of their strategic endorsements" In other words, Doherty doesn't see anything wrong with abandoning principles, even fundamental ones, like equal protection under the law or the inalienable right to life, for the sake of "winning." It can't be considered a "win" if you had to become your enemy to pull it off. If a candidate isn't willing to protect the lives of babies, what makes you think they have your best interest in mind?
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Go to Heaven, Bloomberg

Anominus Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 7:05 PM
If good intentions pave the way to Hell, what do bad intentions do?
Great! Now indefinitely suspend the teacher who started this mess and the principal who enforced the suspension against the kid.
You've already lost, Jeb. Just stay home. Your support for illegal aliens breaking our laws has proven you to be an enemy of the American people.
Libspeak: "I regret the language I used, and I apologize to any students in the room who were offended." Normal speak: "I wish I had been able to say more before I was caught, but you only have yourselves to blame if you found my comments offensive."
Sounds like it's time to dump the Nevada GOP.
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Do Something

Anominus Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 1:38 PM
You don't discuss your "beliefs" at Church because your beliefs are untenable by any rational measure. Again, you have no evidence or logic on which to base your beliefs - they are your opinion only.
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