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Considering wolves tend to run in packs, I think it's silly (downright stupid and dangerous) to call these vermin "lone wolves" when we know they all belong to the moslem "pack"... It's an act of denying reality to say they are working alone, when in fact, they are working in connection with an online community with branches into every mosque.
I think you're a bit off the mark. Please recall the widespread language of "celebrating abortion rights" - that's used by large organizations, like Planned Parenthood (PP), Nation Organization for Women (NOW), all manner of feminist groups, academics, celebrities, etc. It is most definitely not a "VERY few sickos like Gosnell," it is an entire group of vile individuals who will happily, knowingly and repeatedly butcher their children, rather than embrace the consequences for their behavior and grow up. It takes an exceptional degree of willful self-deception to buy into the nonsense that a pregnant woman is not carrying a child. This becomes evident when you consider the myriad, moronic arguments the lefties use, regardless of how much hypocrisy, lying, circular reasoning and tongue-tying they engage in, just to state their case (personhood, privacy, victimhood of the mother, mercy killing, etc.). They know the truth - they choose to deny it for their own benefit. Don't stoop to their level in the hopes that you can convince them to abandon their insane childishness. Preach the truth, so that the few, truly ignorant can learn and change themselves.
A slight correction: The Dems are STILL the Party of Slavery. They hold minorities to lower standards "for their own good" (the bigotry of low expectations) and offer them all manner of means to "get ahead" (affirmative action and racial quotas) and no-effort benefits (welfare), all as a means of keeping them on the voter plantation. They believe that business owners should be treated as slaves to both their employees (requiring unaffordable, ridiculous "living wages" and full benefits for low skill, part-time workers) AND their customers (homosexuals can demand service from private businesses, even if it forces them to abandon their religious principles).
"There wouldn't be a supply if there was a demand." Ideally, that's true, but in reality, there will always be both a supply and a demand. Just as men need to stop demanding (seeking easy pleasure), women need to stop supplying (seeking easy cash).
Yeah, because there's obviously no difference between 6 year old boys playing "cowboys and Indians" with plastic guns (or finger guns) in the backyard, and playing extremely graphic, realistic, violent games designed for adults... Same for paintball - mostly reserved for older kids (youngest I've seen is about 12). It doesn't really matter - things are different from how they used to be. What does matter, is that it sounds like you are still experiencing the reality denial syndrome. Times change, and people most assuredly change as well, particularly when they are regularly exposed to commonplace violence, sex, crime and perversion.
While you are at it, Mud, you should probably define the word "is" for dear, old Mike. He's one of those "high-minded" people who just can't understand why anyone would oppose the homosexual agenda, among other things.
Secular humanism / atheism is as much a religion as Judaism. Perhaps you should look up the definition of "religion," then we can speak about the fixed points of words?
"The American Psychiatric Association determined that decades ago." And long before that determination, it was discovered that people can be conditioned to behave in certain ways, particularly through the formation of habits. This includes hormonal responses, and was shown to be especially effective when pleasure centers were a focus. How about YOU do a little research and stop being such a gullible twit?
Religious freedom is an individual right, and business owners do not surrender their Constitutional freedoms when they open their doors. They reserve the right to refuse service for ANY reason. This issue actually exposes how liberals and homosodomites view themselves as the center of the universe, to the point that they are willing to revive SLAVERY by compelling unwilling service from private businesses. The perverts already had equal rights - they were free to marry according to the same standards as everyone else - now they have special rights, including the "right" to redefine social standards and traditions to fit their vile whims.
Public accommodation laws are illegal. They are a direct violation of the Constitutional freedom of association, the right to private property and the right to refuse service.
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