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And when we find you, we will slap you on the wrist, pat you on the back until you stop crying, give you food (halal, or course!), drink, money and guns, then send you on your way with a few more of your friends from Gitmo! Allahu Akbar! ~Barack Obama
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Legislation Introduced to Eliminate ATF

Anominus Wrote: 10 hours ago (3:29 PM)
I doubt this is much a solution at all. If anything, the "increased workload" will simply be used as a reason to inflate the FBI, DOJ and DEA. The people responsible for corruption and "mismanagement" in the ATF are pretty much all guaranteed jobs in other government entities, like cockroaches scurrying to the next patch of cover when the lights are turned on.
Calling a male a "sissy" is an admonition for him to act like a man, in the same way that calling a female a "tomboy" is an admonition for her to act like a woman.
Well, other than the fact that the hymen can be broken by other means (exercise, tampon, medical condition), I don't feel the need to stoop to the liberal level when "virginity" gets the point across just fine on its own.
Listening to leaders is one thing, obeying them when you know they are wrong is another.
You can have it "both ways." The "sexual choice" to avoid sex outside of marriage is something healthy to be praised and encouraged. The "sexual choice" to engage in "recreational sex," particularly among minors, is unhealthy and should be derided and discouraged. You might have a point about the "discussions" being with parents if the school were requiring kids to wear shirts like this. I do agree about the school uniforms, though.
Why? Virginity is a virtue - there's no need to be graphic.
The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend, Conch.
Agreed. Ironically, the "Golden Age of Islam" was brought about, not by moslems (who did little, other than increase tolerance for infidels), but by the non-moslems living in conquered regions. They managed to borrow from Christian sciences and social concepts, including art and literature.
No, the best recruitment tool we can hand them is the continued perception of our weakness and the continued perception of their own strength.
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