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Boy Scouts: A Disheartening Betrayal

Anominus Wrote: Jun 03, 2013 2:22 PM
"But David is right about this particular teen. What you should be asking is why that young man was on his own without his parents taking care of him at home?" Regardless of what "this particular teen" was doing, how does that justify the fact that Harvey Milk, long-time homosexual hero and martyr, knowingly formed a sexual relationship with a child prostitute and engaged in non-consensual (children cannot give consent) sex - rape and molesation - and yet he is STILL upheld as a paragon for homosexual perverts? The only answer is that homosexuals inherently approve of pedophilia. "Lots of gay kids are illegally abandoned by their parents and have no other way to survive. How come your issue isn't with THEM?" Even more "homosexual children" are runaways from their homes. That's their own fault, not their parents. Those kids feel guilt over what they have done and have been encouraged to do by the homosexual movement. THAT is where the guilt lies - for propagating the falsehoods of the "alternative lifestyle" on the malleable minds of captive audiences in public schools.