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Abortion for Disabled Babies: Who’s to Blame?

Anominus Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 10:46 AM
"I've never seen a person with Down's Syndrome that was self-sufficient. They all required keepers." So do all children, many people handicapped by accident, and the elderly, yet in no way does that reduce their humanity. "At least with a pet that outlives it's owners, they can be killed or adopted." A disabled human is not a pet - your statement demonstrates a severe instance of mental retardation (social liberal derangement syndrome) on your part, and yet you still qualify as human in my book.

Jennifer Morbelli’s baby had a name. The baby registry was complete, filled with already-purchased items like the book “I’ll Love You Forever.” The nursery was set up. Jennifer Morbelli’s baby, Madison Leigh, was a wanted child—and only seven weeks shy of birth.

Instead, mother and child both died last week from a botched late-term abortion. After learning that Madison had severe birth defects and a short life expectancy, Jennifer and her husband turned to Leroy Carhart, one of the only doctors in the country who performs third-trimester abortions. On February 7th, Jennifer was rushed to the emergency room. (When...