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Guns Save Lives

annplato Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 1:59 PM
What does your remark have to do with the article? Do you read the articles at all or you just spend your time posting nonsense? I wonder if you may be the next mass murderer posting away whatever your possessed brain is humming to you. Slap yourself with some ice cold water and wake up! You suffer from OCD and should be checked in for treatment.
Roy323 Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 12:45 AM
cliff-It's the spammers arrogance I HATE. "tun" is "nut" spelled backward- aka "comic" "signup" and the list goes on
Cliff151 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 2:29 PM
Hey annplato! His drivel makes sense when you realize that "tun" stands for "totally uninformed nincompoop"

Why do liberal politicians and the biased liberal mainstream media (meaning pretty much all media in America but FNC) always come to the wrong conclusion, and usually come up with the wrong solution, in response to every crisis? As an example, we don’t have a “fiscal cliff” crisis because of a tax problem in America. What we have is a spending problem- Obama is the biggest spender of any politician in world history.

The same story holds true with the gun control issue spurred by the tragic Newtown school shooting. The liberal politicians and media are using Rahm Emanuel’s...