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You are cranky
There is a difference between what you choose to do, versus what you cannot help but be. Sub-human is when you choose to do something you know is wrong yet you are doing it. That is worse than being an animal; it IS subhuman. Something between human and animal.
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Megyn Kelly And The Abortion Phile

annplato Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 11:26 AM
Mike, are you jealous of Megyn because she is way more successful than you? Pro abortion is exaggerated. A better term is pro-choice.
David, some people always will feel discriminated against no matter what. Homosesuals now that most heterosexuals don't especially like their "lifestyle" and that is something no one can ever change. You choose to live a dabauched lifestyle you will not be liked, and tha's that!
Libertarians don't seem to have well defined principles other than no government involvement in their "private" lives. That is immature and whimsical to say the least. What about that our Constitution is meant for a "moral and religious people"? Libertarians seem to me to be an immoral and Godless bunch, where there are no societal rules, nor even natural laws that govern mankind. Individual “liberty” trumps it all, even the God of nature and the nature of God. God NEVER meant unfettered freedom to His creation. If you choose not to submit to His rules, you are damned and are damning mankind’s future.
I any criminal investigation, motive is of utmost importance to channel towards the possible suspects. Who would have most to gain and who would be the most to lose with international involvement? Assad never displayed interest in international involvement. The rebels need international support. Logically, it is most likely that the rebels were the perpetrators of the chemical weapons used, since they obviously got what they wanted, help from the US with weaponry.
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