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Analysis: Four More Years

Annie-Esq Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 1:08 PM
The Dems won the election. But America, the last bastion of freedom, lost. The founding fathers are crying.
Christie's convention speech was all about Christie - not an endorsement of Romney. Christie is a major disappointment.
I agree. Chris Christie gave Obama a photo-op and legitimacy he did not deserved. Like O was going to fix things after Sandy. He obviously has not, as people there are freezing and have little if any federal relief.
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Polls: Ties in MI, MN, NH, OH, PA

Annie-Esq Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 10:15 PM
What a looney.
Neither of which Obama acheived did he Dot?
What is wrong with the phrase? Where is the disgusting?
in Texas ??? Can't get more red than that. What a waste of time for the NAACP.
Cool One ! South Florida is covered in Romney signs - very few Obama signs to be found.
Assuming we have CO we need either OH or we need WI and IA. Either combination is very viable.
No Dot - we're going to use your magic big black di*do.
Romeny 295 at a minimum / Obama 243 at the most. Romney takes FL, OH, VA, CO, NH without fail. Probably takes IA and either WI or OH or both. And that's all he needs. But I expect other surprises in our favor.
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