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How Far Will Obama Go on Guns?

annfan_777 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 7:37 PM
Obama is on record as saying he wants to ban the biggest gun of all - nuclear weapons. Not shoot them out of the sky, like Reagan proposed with "star wars", but actually ban them. It never occurs to dullards like our fearless leader that countries such as North Korea, Russia or Iran would not cooperate, thereby leaving us defenseless. Just as it never occurs to the slow thinking dimwits on the left that banning guns will only ensure that criminals still have theirs. This is how radical and abysmally stupid liberals are.

Last night on The Kudlow Report, host Larry Kudlow asked if Democrats would really "go all out" on the gun control issue. My answer, is yes. Americans seem to forget who Barack Obama really is when it comes to guns: a radical. During his time in Chicago, Obama supported the ban, sale and transfer of handguns. He also voted against allowing citizens to defend themselves with firearms in their homes. Now that he has executive powers and plans to use them, there is nothing stopping him from taking his anti-Second Amendment agenda and making it a reality.

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