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"Most Democrats will be thrilled" if Obama acts boldly on immigration, said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, a leading advocacy group. "And Republicans will keep lurching to the right and cementing their reputation as the anti-immigrant party." --------------- The article closes with a quote from some idiot left winger, as if that is credible - and then smears the GOP. Typical AP slop.
AP is made up of left wing prostitutes who carry water for the left - this whole article is one big long spin job.
Well, maybe if you and your atheist friends would just learn to tolerate those who think and believe differently than you do, it wouldn't have gotten to court, would it?
Does the cross establish a religion? Of course not. So the whole thing was just more evidence that Christianity is under attack by the American left.
But he'll tell us what is "extreme" and what is not.
george washington Wrote: 1 minute ago (6:30 PM) His extremist abortion position did indeed cost him the election. --------------- The official Democrat position on abortion is: 1) On demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy without restrictions of ANY KIND 2) paid for with tax dollars 3) promoted worldwide And dull, uninformed, asinine pro-abortion "moderate" losers like "george wshington" want to talk about Republican candidates being extreme for wanting to protect human life? I'll guarantee you that the cowardly loudmouth otherwise known as "george washington" on these boards has never viewed an abortion take place and would be too gutless to do so.
Romney is so yesterday. The best thing the GOP could do would be to try and repeat the successes of 2010 and that means the Tea Party. So the establishment hacks like "george wshington" who have been giving us loser "moderates" to vote for should admit that their methods have failed the GOP and America, and let Palin and the Tea Party folks run things for awhile.
TXTRUTH Wrote: 57 minutes ago (5:34 PM) Why was Obama re-elected. ------------------- They didn't want to throw out the first black president after a failed first term. He needed a "do-over" and a couple hundred second chances, like any affirmative action hire.
And before any of them, Limbaugh.
george washington Wrote: 1 hour ago (5:23 PM) Few things on the planet are more disgusting than a Paulbot, ------------------ Unless it be a gutless, spineless, cowardly "moderate" loser like you. What an asinine piece of dog doo doo you are. You come on the thread about Meriam Ishag being released from her death sentence and make stupid comments about how it's not a "national issue" when you had no idea what you were talking about, as usual. And what kind of cold jerk makes snooty remarks about an innocent woman and her two children who were being tortured and abused, chained to a floor in a filthy prison? Shame on you, moron. And here you are, preaching the pro-death gospel, pretending to be a conservative. Do us all a favor and drink some Drano. Pour yourself a big glass, and drink deeply.
There is no such thing as extremism in the defense of innocent human life. You're an asinine jerk. You're also a cowardly, gutless, spineless yellow bellied PRO-ABORTION "moderate".
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