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Obama is a one man sleeper cell.
The words "Clinton" and "ethics" shouldn't be in the same sentence, except if you add "violations".
For an example of the truth of who Kony is, watch "Machine Gun Preacher". He is pretender, not a real Christian. If you want to smear Christianity and you are evil, the most effective way is to pretend to be one and act out your evil desires. That's what Kony does.
Kony's murderous group is NOT Christian. They are radical Muslims who LIE about their faith to fool people, just like our president did.
Obama has yet to acknowledge that Republicans have any legitimate grievances against his policies.
No arguments there - have you seen either "October Baby" or "Gimme Shelter"? Good movies with a life theme, both of them based on true stories.
Actually, Doe vs. Bolton allows abortion right up till birth, and it was decided the same day as Roe.
If Bush were president and this had happened, Bob would be EXTREMELY bothered by this. Liberal double standards on parade.
Muslims cheered in the streets all over the world when 9-11 happened. That says everything.
bsmith526 Wrote: 6 hours ago (11:47 PM) "...What? You fund Crisis Pregnancy Centers. I don't understand your last point..." ------------------------- You don't understand much of anything, clearly.
Bear Trax Wrote: 9 hours ago (8:42 PM) The only ones who's opinion I would respect on the abortion debate are those who did or would adopt black crack adicted babies, destined for a lifetime of mental and physical problems, because that's what's being aborted. ---------------------- Leaving aside the completely fact-free comment you made about what babies are being aborted, the only people whose opinion on abortion has any credibility would be those who have actually viewed a baby being torn limb from limb, or studied the facts of human development, or talked with women who have aborted and regret it. That counts you out completely, since you are too big a coward to do any of those things. So your opinion is just based on silly left wing slogans. How stupid does that make you, Bear Trax? Pretty damn stupid.
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