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PP and other radical pro-abortion organizations fight against any and all restrictions, and the enforcement thereof.
oscar77 Wrote: 2 hours ago (2:55 AM) "... States have the right to ensure quality healthcare in their borders..." ------------- True, but abortion is NOT health care.
This is what happens when you elect a bunch of RINO "moderates" who, in the spirit of "bi-partisanship", continue to help the Democrats get their radical judicial nominees appointed.
The nomination of Mitt Romney made me embarrassed to be a Republican. I supported him, but ONLY because Barack Obama is the worst president in United States history. Romney failed on virtually every level: 1) He failed to take advantage of the tremendous momentum we had from 2010, by articulating support for the Tea Party and all of those GOP candidates who won that year. 2) He failed to issue even a statement of support for the Chick-Fil-A franchise, when MILLIONS of Americans came out in droves on August 1st, 2012 to support a decent, Christian based business under assault from the left. In fact, he cowardly said nothing for a week, and then finally said “it's not part of my campaign”. EVERY issue that matters to voters should be part of a candidate's campaign. Had he issued that statement of support, he would've helped to mobilize all those potential voters who came out that day, and shown them that he was one of us. 3) He failed to network with talk radio and other conservative news outlets. 4) He naively kept referring to Obama as a “nice guy” who was “in over his head”, while Obama visciously attacked him for everything from causing a woman's death, to felony tax evasion. 5) He kept great patriots like Sarah Palin and most of the primary candidates – all of whom had loyal followings – from appearing or speaking at the convention. 6) He never bothered to articulate conservative principles of respect for life, marriage, etc... 7) He barely mentioned foreign policy. 8) He narrowly talked as if the campaign had only one concern - “jobs”. In every election cycle, there are dozens of critical issues that voters are considering and want their candidate to take a firm stand on. 9) He kept bragging about how he couldn't wait to get to D.C. and “work with Democrats”. Bush was vilified for actually doing that, and yet, here was our nominee, vowing to do more of the same as if it were a point of honor! 10) He never talked, as Reagan did, about how government is “too big and spends too much” which is basic conservatism 101. I could go on, but if the GOP continues to nominate weak, wimpy, milquetoast “moderate” RINOs like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney, we will be a minority party for years to come.
Everything is "fun" isn't it? The country spinning out of control, the middle east on fire - it's all just "fun" to you. What an asinine piece of canine excrement you are.
loisoinfinitymax Wrote: 6 mins ago (6:35 PM) meh; I"m curious. I don't like any democrats running now; I do like Huntsman but he's not crazy enough for you all. --------------- No, you're really, really, REALLY stupid. There aren't any Democrats running now.
RiffRaff Wrote: 4 hours ago (2:37 PM) MsHandy, get some new material. Iraq has nothing to do with Libya. That is all Obama's muck up. --------------- Iraq is Obama's screw-up - TOTALLY. We had stability there till he pulled the troops out against ALL advice.
I strongly disapprove of the fact that Obama breathes air.
Which is what he's been doing since 2009.
You're not curious, bozo - you're just here to waste your life away making stupid remarks.
Tiller slaughtered babies for a living and then pretended to a be a Christian on Sundays. He was a typical phony godless liberal.
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