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loisoinfinitymax Wrote: 43 mins ago (4:07 PM) imagine a world where we don't regulate sexual activity. --------------- Slaughtering babies in cold blood is not "sexual activity" you ignorant moron.
loisoinfinitymax Wrote: 39 mins ago (4:11 PM) abortions are frivolous - there are certain circumstances that deem it necessary - I think we should butt out of people's lives. --------------- You are an asinine piece of canine excrement. What is a "person" and what is a "life"? So "frivolous" that you are deathly afraid of seeing an abortion actually take place before your eyes. Gutless, liberal fool.
Decisions to kill another human being? Who are you, God?
Illbay Wrote: 11 hours ago (7:10 PM) The Communist Party USA sees the Democrats as far right, so... -------------- How would you know? Is that on their website or something? Come on...
A lot of Americans are "comfortably numb". They have trusted the msm to keep them informed, and they have a world view that has largely been shaped by the LACK of real information.
It's only a "bombshell" if the msm cover it. They won't.
What a dimwit you are. A colossal, embarrassing waste of air. Your stupidity is breathtaking.
kmassey Wrote: 19 hours ago (8:58 AM) When you live by the media you have to know you can die by the media. Sorry but the Ray Rice situation was much different from the Palin fight. Ms Palin put herself in the situation and just got beat down. It did not help that mama got on the news bragging about her children. ---------------------- You are obviously a partisan left wing hack, with no class and no dignity. Every parent brags about her children. Crawl back in your hole.
You are a fool. Get lost.
Imagine any other child of a political figure being raked over the coals the way the Palin children have. You can't, because it's never happened. Even when Jimmy Carter's brother was an international embarrassment, the msm never treated him or his brother like they have the Palin family.
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