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Impeachment proceedings will bring all of Obama's lawlessness out into the open where not even the msm can cover for him anymore. We are either a nation of laws or we're a nation of rogue black presidents and AG's who can do whatever they want with no repercussions.
Democrats believe that impeachment would backfire on the GOP because it supposedly backfired on us to impeach Clinton. Baloney. This is serious stuff. Obama is guilty of breaking law after law after law - 76 so far according to Cruz. Clinton's impeachment blew up in our faces, at least in the msm, because they were able to make Ken Starr the bad guy, somebody who was just on a sex hunt. Obama has committed high crimes and not just perjury like Slick Willy. Let's explain to our kids someday why we punted when it was clearly the right thing to do to impeach this imposter. Why we allowed him to break law after law after law.
Sure, let's get around to enforcing laws again after a Republican takes office. In the meantime, "principled" Republicans should let Obama do whatever Obama wants to do.
If Obama is not impeached then impeachment has no meaning anymore. In fact, if Obama is not impeached he has virtual carte blanche to do whatever he wants to for the next 2 plus years, with no one to stop him, whether legal or not. And Holder, the so-called "law enforcement" officer, will do NOTHING to stop him. So there is no law and no order - there is just Obama and what Obama wants or doesn't want. He is the first American king.
I strongly urge everyone to view her documentary, "The Undefeated", especially the uninformed dimwits on TH, like "Nos Nevets".
Then you are ignorant and failed to pay attention to reality.
Ronald484 Wrote: 4 hours ago (1:11 AM) I really get a kick out of all those decrying about what a mess Obama has made of the country, but who chose not to vote in 2012, or voted for a third party loser, because Romney was not conservative enough for them. ---------------- I keep hearing about these mythical Republicans that stayed home and gave the election to Obama, but I've never met one. The truth is that Romney gave Obama the election. Handed it to him on silver platter.
The truth is that "moderates", RINOs and "independents" - all of whom constitute the most uninformed voting bloc in America - have infested the GOP and are doing everything they can to water down and gut the conservative message.
george washington Wrote: 5 hours ago (11:54 PM) The radical TEAs who are enabling Obama by destroying te GOP wouldclaim, and have, that several of those on yourblist of Conservatives are RINOs, Geek. ------------------- The enablers of Obama are "moderates", RINOs, and "independents". If you want to know what is wrong with the Republican party today, you need look no further than losers RINO lovers like "george washington".
WJF Wrote: 5 hours ago (11:33 PM) Just how outnumbered are the Conservatives in the United States House of Representatives? These 43 House members consistently vote to help the United States of America and some of these are called RINO's. ------------------- Your lists aren't credible unless you can give a link to where you get this info, and how you arrive at these percentages. It gets old, having you tell us who the 'cool' people are, and who the 'bad' guys are.
"Most Democrats will be thrilled" if Obama acts boldly on immigration, said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, a leading advocacy group. "And Republicans will keep lurching to the right and cementing their reputation as the anti-immigrant party." --------------- The article closes with a quote from some idiot left winger, as if that is credible - and then smears the GOP. Typical AP slop.
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