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Evil Is Real

annfan_777 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 6:58 PM
Good reminder, Ashley.
Obama, like every other godless leftie, has no clue as to what God wants or does not want, or what He might allow for His own purposes. But like every other godless leftie, he's mighty quick to speak for God, when it suits his purposes. He could just as easily be out there saying "no God would prevent two men from marrying each other" or "no God would prevent a woman from 'terminating' the life of her unborn child if she wanted to do so" and other such blasphemy.
You can join "will' in the same sewer. Birds of a feather, and all that.
LOL You think you've made a point here? You've only shown your ignorance for all to see. A God you could understand wouldn't be God at all, because you're a very shallow, simplistic thinker. And all you do is prove it daily.
You mean Osama - but heck, what's the damn difference.
The nation's chief law enforcement officer doesn't meet with the authorities first? This is weird. Not for Holder, mind you, but for any normal AG.
But you're right - Obama is a ridiculously stupid man.
Obama only wanted to be thought of as fondly as the Gipper - he didn't consider him a hero.
will_ethan1980 Wrote: 13 mins ago (6:20 PM) God has done nothing. Your anger is misplaced. You are mad at God for standing by and letting evil happen. ------------------- No, we are mad at Obama and the cowardly American left for standing by and letting it happen. ------------------
Leave it to a godless liberal to tell us all what "God" would tolerate or not tolerate. The point is, little Barry, what are YOU, representing America, going to tolerate?
liberalsupertroll1 Wrote: 4 hours ago (2:11 PM) Guys Islam is a religion of peace and these ISIL warriors do not represent Islam. There are no verses in Islam that preach violence and hence these ISIL warriors do not represent Islam and actually demean Islam. ---------------------------- That's why so many Muslims are out there protesting against ISIS. Oh wait, they're silent. Hmmm.....
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