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We should've been demanding his resignation for some time now. All Republicans and citizens of conscience.
Ah, those are the high dollar lobbyists who like Graham. Voters want someone with courage.
LustForLife Wrote: 6 hours ago (12:43 AM) Gov. Palin's speech at the RNC in '08 was perhaps the most powerful and proud moment I have ever felt as a conservative. I will never forgive the left, the media and the establishment Republicans for their unrelenting assault on someone I admire so much. ------------------- I agree 100%, but what really happened at that moment, besides millions of Americans immediately bonding with this woman and her family, was that the American left went into ballistic overdrive on a seek and destroy mission, and they have never relented since. They did that because of exactly what happened with you, and me, and millions of people - suddenly the GOP had a magnetic, gorgeous rock star on the national stage, and that, to a Democrat, is simply unthinkable, because all their national candidates become big by portraying themselves as these young, vibrant rock star types - JFK, Clinton, Obama, etc... - and Sarah Palin represented a real threat to their phony image makers, being a good looking young Republican conservative woman. Because at the end of the day, all the left has is its image. But Sarah represented both image and substance, in a mighty pretty package, and that's why they focused their hate on her, and that's why they still hate her.
Not so. Obama is a useless idiot tool for those rulers and not a Christian at all, while Meriam is a real Christian who was truly persecuted.
What kind of person, in this day in age, would side with the cult of Islam, a blood thirsty murderous cult responsible for millions of deaths, over a little Democratic country smack dab in the middle of various violence-prone countries who want to wipe it off the earth?
I support Israel's right to defend itself, in much the same way as I supported George Zimmerman's right to defend himself. Muslims who want to destroy and annihilate Israel and the Jewish people are in the wrong, and deserve the world's condemnation, just as street thugs who go around harassing and violently assaulting innocent citizens are in the wrong, and deserving of condemnation.
The Muslims, as usual, are the ones doing the killing.
That, and the Satanic bible.
Not only that, but where were the damn feminists on this anyway?
Islam is a cult, not a religion.
She wasn't on the world stage, except maybe at the end of her ordeal. She was sentenced to death and imprisoned over six months ago, and NO ONE was talking about it until Joann Moudy started writing columns about her.
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