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In fact, if God Himself came down to earth to live as a man, and was crucified for your sins on a Roman cross, and rose from the dead three days later, you still wouldn't believe. Oh wait, He already did that.
will_ethan1980 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 6:47 PM No. With evidence, I would consider it, of course. ------------------- If God Himself sat down next to you and explained creation and every other aspect of human existence, you would still claim there's no "evidence". That's because your heart is hardened and your ears are closed.
Ms. Schafley's message still resonates today, and even more so. The old angry feminists have had their day, and they failed in virtually every respect. All they've brought to American women is anger, bitterness, and rage towards men, the bloodshed of millions of babies, and the destruction of the family. If anybody's message is old and outdated, it is the message of Gloria Steinem and her ilk. Phyllis Schafley's message has always been timeless and right on the money. God bless her.
Those aren't conservatives. Those are "moderates".
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Obama Criticism Should Be Banned?

annfan_777 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 3:47 AM
Rudi told you the reason.
Ann seems to develop crushes on the worst of the "moderate" RINOs, while simultaneously attacking those who stand for real conservatism.
Not so. Andrew Johnson was impeached.
Republicans must be savvy if they're going to lose an opportunity of a lifetime to go on offense against Democrats. Now isn't the time to shrink back from Mayor Giuliani's words, but rather it's time to use them as a clarion call-a springboard to address what Americans instinctively know, our president and today's Democrat policies are tearing this nation apart. ------------------- Romney, Ann Coulter's favorite "moderate" coward, would've won had he taken that advice.
CompCon Wrote: 9 hours ago (9:43 PM) In those days, we hated commies. Today, we embrace them as "role models." ------------ The left certainly does.
Herb Brooks was portrayed brilliantly by Kurt Russell in the movie "Miracle" about this very game. One of Disney's best movies.
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