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BREAKING: Rick Santorum Suspending His Campaign

annfan_777 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 3:51 PM
Anyone who's been a conservative since Reagan, as I have, knows that a strong commitment to sanctity of life issues, a strong military, and more recently, marriage - is key to being a genuine conservative. Fiscal issues come and go but moral issues are the bedrock of a society. They are under SEVERE attack by the left and any candidate or voter who fails to consider that is narrow minded, to say the least. Not only that, but every fiscal issue is really a moral, social issue, because they all have moral, social implications.
Pennsylvania Voter Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 5:21 PM
Well said....and true to the core. The prideful and foolish left will always attack the foundations of our free and properous society because they do not fear God nor do they wish to be accountable to any higher moral authority. Thinking of themselves as wise and free, they have no clue that they are foolish and enslaved.
TaxFree1031 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 3:58 PM
Ann, you sound like a narrow minded Bible thumper, who would use the power of the imperial federal government to take money from one citizen to give to another in the name of some moral imperative.

You'd create more big government programs like George W Bush and wouldn't give a hoot about the immorality of leaving future generations unsustainable debt.

You are not a Tea Party Patriot, madam. You are a theocrat.
annfan_777 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 4:01 PM
Again, you reveal a mind that is so shallow and dull that I don't think any further interaction is warranted. Putting words in my mouth I never said and ascribing values to me that I've never expressed is the mark of a total loser.

Rick Santorum has a press conference scheduled for this afternoon, but there are already early reports on Twitter that Rick Santorum is going to announce that he's suspending his campaign, apparently confirmed by Fox News and other outlets. Stand by for confirmation and live updates!

Update: Yahoo reports that, earlier today, Rick Santorum called Mitt Romney to concede; you can watch the livestream of the press conference through Yahoo, as well.

Update: It's official -- Tuesday afternoon, Rick Santorum made a graceful exit from the GOP presidential race. Although his daughter Bella was hospitalized last week,...