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What's Up With All These Democrat-Skewed Polls?

AnneG Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 8:30 AM
Garyp, Pres Obamas "stimulus" outsourced more jobs than Bain. I'm not alienated and I'm a woman. Do you only relate to people accd their group? 1/2 US Bishops reinterpret that letter. Ryan's own bishop said they should leave fiscal issues to informed laity with expertise and called confiscatory taxation a sin against charity. Finally, why was it ok to rob people of their investments in favor of your union friends, ala GM? I know these are facts and you don't care about those or about slander and calumny.

At National Review Online, Jim Geraghty notices a trend that has bothered Townhall readers for some time now-polls that are skewed towards Democrats. Geraghty posts an email from his number-crunching correspondent, bemoaning the blantant oversampling:



On another polling annoyance, I turn to your favorite punching bag PPP-D.  Here is the trend with PPP-D.  They do a terrific job polling our primaries (this is not sarcasm).  Their closing polls are usually okay.  But their tracks, should...