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Romney Hits Obama Camp Over Discredited Attacks, AP Oddly Silent on Facts

Anne_1 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 7:44 PM
Rowly Wrote: @ 7:10 PM There's enough in Obama's history that we DO know that would make plenty of sparks fly if someone just had the gonads to use it. = You bet there is... Willard should have Obozo on the damn ropes by now, but instead, Obozo has Willard on the ropes. And these Willard fans (on another thread) are having a food fight about dogs... Willard's dog on top of the car, and Obozo eating dog. That's it.

As well he should.  Independent fact-checkers have rendered multiple verdicts on the subjects of Bain, Romney and outsourcing, and Obama keeps lying, unfazed.  As Chicago unleashes yet another negative ad premised on repeatedly discredited claims, Boston is firing back with a new spot of its own:

This isn't a bad offering, but I think it only grazes the critical point: Obama's ads aren't just relentlessly negative -- they're knowingly and...