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Offense: Team Romney Buying TV Ads in...Pennsylvania

Anne_1 Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 7:40 PM
Angie74 Wrote: @ 7:36 PM Anne, TOTALLY AGREE. I only respond to their comments because I hate for them to go unanswered, even though they will never be educated as they live in their own liberal lying world. = I agree, besides rebutting their insufferably stupid and uneducated comments can be fun. LOL

First we had both sides going up on air in Minnesota, with Chicago deploying Bill Clinton up there to batten down the hatches.  Then we saw reports that Joe Biden was headed to Scranton, PA -- which was no big deal, we were told, because he did the same thing in 2008. (The stop was axed, due to weather). Next came the news that Romney's SuperPAC was dropping more than $2 million on Pennsylvania ads, followed quickly by the Obama campaign's decision to spend money on the airwaves in the state.  And now, rumors have...