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Former TSA Chief: Allow Weapons on Planes

Anne_1 Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 8:33 AM
What Are The TSA Agents Looking For? Part 1 The Barack Obama Administration Airport screening rules that imposes 'Full Body Pat Downs' and 'Full Body Imaging' has angered American Citizens enough that some States are proposing Legislation to outlaw these procedures. Those that refuse Full Body-Imaging are given Full Body Pat-Downs and vice versa. Babies as young as 8 Months old have been given groin checks and those as old as 92 have received groin and Breast checks as well

In a Wall Street Journal op/ed today, Kip Hawley, former head of the Transportation Security Administration from 2005-2009, has some radical suggestions for how to increase airport safety -- and they're in direct opposition to everything we do now.

He argues that the TSA needs to embrace two basic principles before it can make any significant improvements in both travel security and convenience.

First, the TSA's mission is to prevent a catastrophic attack on the transportation system, not to ensure that every single passenger can avoid harm while traveling. Much of the friction in the system...