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Welfare and Private Charity

Anne440 Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 1:56 PM
The poverty rate has risen sharply since Johnson started the war on poverty. More money the government throws at a problem the worse it gets. Look at our educational system. Since the feds started the department of education and throws more and more money into education our schools have gotten so bad it is embarassing. Big government messes up more than it helps.

A new policy paper from my colleague Michael Tanner analyzes the growth in the American welfare state and concludes that “throwing money at the problem has neither reduced poverty nor made the poor self-sufficient.” Michael makes an important point that—in my experience—most journalists don’t seem to appreciate:

In addition, whatever the intention behind government programs, they are soon captured by special interests. The nature of government is such that programs are almost always implemented in a way to benefit those with a vested interest in them rather than to actually achieve the programs’ stated goals… Among the nonpoor with...

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