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Republicans Nullifying Conservatives

Anne440 Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 4:57 PM
The personhood amendment won't ever be passed as long as people believe that it will allect birth control pills and invetrofertilization. When those issues are addressed to relieve peoples concerns it will possibly pass.
FlamingLiberalMultiCulturalist Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 6:52 PM
How about this amendment: "The Personhood of any particular Fetus becomes null and void as soon as such personhood becomes an inconvenience to someone who is NOT a woman seeking an Abortion." That should address your concerns perfectly.
Kruelhunter Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 12:01 PM
How 'bout trying to be a bit less of a snotty adolescent? Abortion is a serious issue, as is the court's legislation form the bench regarding that issue, and deserves serious thought and commentary.
Louie13 Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 6:36 PM
K.22, abortion is a serious issue, but I thought that FlamingLiberalMultiCulturalist’s comment was serious and appropriate commentary, and to the point.


After the primary is over and the Republican establishment wins, the usual suspects line up to give the rest of us out here in the grassroots a sanctimonious lesson in party unity.

But after a series of unfortunate events like what took place in Oklahoma this week, with Republicans and not Democrats nullifying conservatives, the whole “rah-rah go team GOP” thing is becoming a tougher pill for some conservatives to swallow.

Oklahoma is among the reddest of red states. Republicans dominate state government there, possessing 31 of the 48 seats in the Oklahoma Senate and 68 of the 99 seats in...