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Buy American to Eat Safe

Anne384 Wrote: May 22, 2012 4:54 PM
I have not bought any food from China and many others (including Vietnamese shrimp) for years. But, do you know how many products have been eliminated from my shopping list? I have been amazed at how hard it is to buy American! If every one would stop buying this junk there would be less of it for sale. Buy American always!
The globalists and the lobbyists are lining up to promote another so-called free-trade agreement that gives favors to foreigners while discriminating against American products, jobs and consumers. The mainstream media are allowing the deal, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, to be negotiated in typically secretive closed-door sessions.

The globalists don't want public debate to reveal that the TPP's fine print will ban the "Buy American" provisions of current U.S. law. Since the 1930s, the U.S. government has offered preferential treatment to American producers in the awarding of federal contracts, and many states have similar preference policies.

This is a popular law because Americans...

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