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Dear World, We’re Sorry

anne343 Wrote: Feb 08, 2015 7:05 AM
This is perfect: "Our president never misses an opportunity to pick not at scabs, but at scars. He picks them to the point of bleeding rather than acknowledge the hemorrhaging around the world."
It wouldn't hurt for the Republican leadership to stand up in front of cameras and state LOUD AND CLEAR "We don't hate Women" We don't hate blacks and hispanics" We don't hate poor people". We respect them all! Women, there isn't and never has been a plan to "take away your birth control"! Hispanics and blacks, we want to improve your lives by growing the job market! We believe that growing our economy and getting our debt under control will give poor people hope. That is something Obama and Dems were never able to deliver!
Homeland Security Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced yesterday he will travel to central America in July and will participate in foreign media interviews in an effort to stop the flow of unaccompanied children. Why is he waiting till July? Ugh!
"….what woman on this earth is going to wait TWENTY WEEKS… "! A lot of women would wait that long, if the law allowed it!
If Republicans let them get away with this tactic, we don't deserve to win!
Um! I think the basic question is, "Did Joe Garcia vote for Obamacare?" ….voters are going to have to choose between a candidate who criticizes Obamacare shoved O'Care down our throats and one who wants to repeal the law.
Great point! If the unemployment rate begins to go back up, we'll be told we should celebrate the fact that those people aren't "job locked" any more!
They can skew and falsify all they want, but the bottom line is - when talking to friends and family, are you suddenly hearing about their relatives and family members getting new, good jobs? NO! All you ever hear is prayer requests for those who've lost their jobs or those who've been looking for months and can't find a thing!THAT is the true "jobs report"!
I'm very afraid that Bill Nelson will be in the Senate again and Charlie Crist will be our governor! I keep hearing all this screeching (from the left) about Rick Scott and how awful he is. I have to admit, I don't know a whole lot about Scott, except that he tried to have drug testing for a few welfare recipients way down the road. Well, I say, "Good for him!" Let's try a little more strong-arming and quit giving into the political correctness crowd! It's time we stop cringing every time the left cries "r-a-c-i-s-t"!
I sure hope Republicans are putting the final touches on their solution to this mess. Come the end of January, I think it's likely that America will be in uproar over the train wreck that is Obamacare. First, they need to stop saying, "Everyone agrees that our health care system was broken and needed fixing"! NOT TRUE! We have all seen now how much there was to like about our system. Admit it! Then, they need to address the problems that Democrats drug through the mud to prove that we needed reform:pre-existing conditions(alleged) insurers dropping coverage at the first sign of a claim (not true 99.9% of the time)people using the ER as a doctor's office(ACA does nothing about this)15M uninsured (add another 5 millions since O'CAre cause the cancelation of plans.)Allow insurance sales across state lines and stop the ridiculous malpractice law suits that raise the price of medical treatment. Medicaid is in place. Use it to help pre-existings and the poor. It would be cheaper to just pay for these than to do it the way Obamacare does it. The main purpose of O"Care is to run every dollar through Washington, with a large percentage sticking there. Has anyone ever asked how many new gov. employees we are paying for this bureaucratic mess? How much is the "administrative" end of it costing us? malpractice law suits.
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