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Obama's Health Care Problem

Ann Anon Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 8:40 PM
It is too late to do anything about human health care but I beg you people not to buy health insurance for your pets. Pay as you go. Otherwise we will soon see the skyrocketing cost of pet care that accompanied the insurance industrys foray into human health care business.

President Obama made a remarkable statement to John Boehner in the middle of their negotiations leading up to the fiscal cliff. "We don't have a spending problem," the president said. We have "a health care problem."

To put this in perspective, almost every economist familiar with the federal government finances views our national health care problem as a spending problem. In fact, it is THE spending problem. If the federal government were not buying health care, we wouldn't have a long term deficit.

The reason is not hard to understand. For the past four decades health care spending per person...