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Gosh, I had forgot that. . . mumble, grumble. . .
As a Registered Nurse and Critical Care Specialist I will tell you that any doctor that made the mis-statements that the CDC bozos have made would be immediately investigated by me. I have turned up 3 nurses and 1 doctor who were practicing without licenses or indeed any education in our field. In 43 years that seems to be a lot of nuts to expose but the first clue is making stupid statements. Some things are so incontrovertible that misunderstanding them is contrary to reason.
Obamelot, I like it. I will like it better when it is over.
roflol, I am sure they are on the list!
That would require they be actual journalists and not Obama toadies.
Apparently their fine educations did not alert them to the fact that sound carries in all directions, only sight is unidirectional. And they are entitled to their opinions. Perhaps they learned something.
What do you know! Apparently Pres Obama has turned his supporters into "racists!" roflol
Terrifying. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.
The problem is that once symptoms show up it does spread rapidly especially in naive populations (people who's ancestors have not been exposed to the causative organism).
roflol I would have been "invited" as well except that I didn't go to law school in order to go to nursing school. That means I am as close to being a Constitutional Law School Professor as he is, ie not at all! All that teaching position was about was giving him a salary so that they could keep him tied to the Democratic Party. There are many jobs in this country that are essentially political plums and that exist only to keep the minions on the payroll.
There are so many ways to destroy a nation from within. . . .
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