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A Maginot Line of TSA Screeners and Watch Lists That Are Not Watched: The Need for Either or Both a Select Committee and a Special Commission

Ann Anon Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 11:48 AM
If the two Boston Bombers, may their names die with them, were on a watch list then the Feds should have know precisely the moment they bought the explosives and shipped them back to their parents. When I was raising kids every bar within 3 miles had their pictures behind the bar and I guaranteed them a $50 for reporting the kids to me within time to remove them myself. My kids never found out about this and never tried bars farther away. They thought all bar maids and tenders were afraid of their crazy mother. Drugs, haha. You have never heard my lecture or been on an ER tour on a "mothers day" weekend. You wouldn't use drugs either. If I can ride herd on kids, surely the Feds can handle these creeps.

"Regular Order" ought to be the way in which the House and Senate conduct their business, but not when highly irregular national security disasters and/or scandals occur, and especially not after an ambassador is murdered by terrorists and a mass casualty terrorist attack occurs on Patriots Day in Boston.

Speaker of the House John Boehner has to act even if the president doesn't want to. The country needs to know whether the terrorists in Benghazi represent the future of that country and Syria with its chemical weapons and why our national security services could not protect our ambassador.

Even more importantly...