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The July 4th Question: 236 Years After The First Revolution Is It Time For A Second?

Ann352 Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 9:31 AM
This very question has been on my mind for some time. How far will we allow our government to push us before we as decent citizens say, Enough? Some of the events of the last few years have been startling & alarming. Warning bells are going off in my head, where are the people with torches & pitchforks who will stand against this tyranny? Our property is being stolen by illegal siezures, our fortune is being stolen in burdensome taxes, our religious freedom is under attack & our agents who are striving to protect us are being killed by guns that were sold by our own government

Let’s start with a shocking, but true premise: If you are a patriotic American, you believe that there are circumstances under which it is right to take up arms against your own government. That statement feels wrong to me. It reeks of militia and McVeigh and toothless loons holed up with guns in cabins in order to avoid paying income taxes.

But the fact remains that the rationale for the existence of the nation known as the United States of America, which first appeared in print 236 years ago today, is entirely dependent on the premise...

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