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It's Over - It's Been Over

Ann283 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 9:23 AM
Mr. Greenberg has always been a favorite of mine. I admire and appreciate his eloquence, deliberation, and adherence to the values many of us consider the most important. However, to attribute greatness to Franklin Roosevelt is ignoring the truth of Mr. Roosevelt's life and policies. One outstanding example of his corrupt regime consists of his entitlement programs for millions of Americans in order to buy their repeated votes. He ranks close to our present president in relentless desire for personal power.
The race for the Republican presidential nomination has been over for some time, and now Rick Santorum has finally admitted it -- and let it be over. At last. He's run a strong race, and is to be congratulated on it. He just ran too long.

Now this losing candidate can make his gala appearance at the GOP's national convention, and maybe quite a few afterward.

Newt Gingrich can deliver another stemwinder of a speech in Tampa that will excite the excitable to no great effect on anyone else.

And last and not just least but odd...

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