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Sandra Fluke: Women in America Are Silenced

Ann272 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 1:38 AM
The Obama campaign has made abortion the "centerpiece" of their plans to keep the White House in Democratic hands. This amoral woman, as as stated, went to Georgetown (already a militant) choosing Georgetown because it is a renowned Catholic institution. Having now emphasized the "scare" tactics which will influence many young women's votes, she will probably be named head of the Department of Health and Welfare if Obama is reelected. Pitiful.

Sandra Fluke, the woman who asked taxpayers to foot the bill for her birth control in February, just wrapped up her speech at the 2012 DNC. Her remarks were brief but typical, arguing a Romney presidency would set women back and leave women to die "preventable deaths in emergency rooms."

Fluke has become a center piece of the Obama campaign and is being used to represent women. She embraced a second term for President Obama saying, "In which our president stands with all women.”

But does President Obama really stand with "all women?" Fluke shot to fame after...