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Romney Needs to Defend Eastwood

Ann272 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 6:54 AM
Character assassination is what the Obamaites do best. I loved Clint Eastwood and agree whole-heartedly that satire is the best possible way to rebut their deadly worldview. Romney is a modest man, and having to show his private persona does not come easily to him. Therefore it has been done for him, and brilliantly by friends and coworkers. The unstable, glib Indonesian in the White House has no concept of morality or decency. I love the fact that UVa refused his plan to speak on the Lawn (would disrupt beginning of classes).

More than anything, what the just completed Republican convention showed is that Mitt Romney is an incredibly decent, moral, and honorable man.

It became abundantly clear as the convention went on that this man who much of the mainstream media unethically works overtime to paint as “cold,” “aloof,” or “out of touch with the common man” is anything but. Much of the country now knows that many Americans have been touched by his goodness and that he in turn has been touched and made better because of their struggles and triumphs.

Knowing that, and as this real Mitt...