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Bully Tactics: Rep. Cummings Abusing Power by Intimidating Voter Integrity Group True the Vote

Ann272 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 8:14 PM
Dan--First hand experience from 2008--Pennsylvania, a battleground state which Obama won--my daughter went into the Lebanon, PA.courthouse on Election Day and was blocked by a large (black) woman who said "Where are you going/" My daughter replied "Get out of my way." Holder called us a nation of cowards. He refused to do anythng about the NBP and has been trying to have the DOJ stall voting i.d. laws in every state which has managed to pass them.

Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings is using intimidation tactics against the voter integrity group True the Vote with AFL-CIO, NAACP and other far left groups following his lead.

On October 4, Cummings sent a letter to True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht on official House Oversight and Government Reform Committee letterhead, demanding she turn over documents and training material used by the group for people planning to volunteer as poll watchers on Election Day. Engelbrecht responded to Cummings' request by offering to meet with him in Washington D.C. to explain the mission of True the...