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Absolutely. Prime Minister Netanyahu is far too wise to be manipulated in this manner so that the weak Democratic group can make it appear that they "tried". We have had a glimpse of the "iron dome" which is part of the Israeli defense, but a rogue nation, and Iran is hideously growing stronger, requires a far stronger hand than the Obama Kerry wimps.
Devious as Churchill was, his deep love for his country made him immensely strong. This man in the WH hates this country.
Don't be ridiculous. Obama wouldn't know protocol from psoriasis.
DESPICABLE. Biden is no loss, but symbolically the entire Congress should be present. this continues to give aid and comfort to the enemy--the Muslim world.
Exactly. Deborah Turness calls NBC "this proud organization"--the same NBC which wholly owns MSNBC, where Sharpton is given a bully pulpit to spew his poison--and we all know who watches such a program.
Yes! wonderful comment.
:) -- you forgot "conflate" . BTW , as a survivor of Katrina, the real story was how wonderful the volunteers who came from all across the U.S. set up and ran the soup kitchens (Salvation Army and Baptist churches)--this was made possible by President Bush. A great many of the volunteers were military. The real story is how badly so many behaved. Governor Blanco (Democrat) refused for three days to allow President Bush to send the Marines (on the third day he sent them anyway.) Mayor Nagin refused to let Amtrak send emergency evacuation trains over the trestle (before it flooded and made this impossible) and then took off for Dallas where he remained till it was comfortable to return. A huge number of poor blacks living in the shotgun housing (3 generations), were in the hotels and looting the department stores. Thousands of FEMA trailers were constructed quickly, but none would move into them. They have been visible for years in fields off the main highways. Brian Williams was never there--Shepherd Smith reported live from the Quarter, and Anderson Cooper was there a little later. The French Quarter, the original N.O. , was built where it stands BECAUSE IT WAS THE HIGH GROUND. I bet B.W. wishes he could take it morally.
i though the buck stopped at the desk of the President of the United States.
I wonder how many of the 8,000 cases which are appealed to the Supreme Court every year from lower courts are permitted by the clerks to reach the SCOTUS? Justice Roberts indicated that 77 were heard in a recent year --I believe 2011. At one time, all cases appealed were discussed by the Court Justices. Today, something as signifiant as a beard becomes news. What has NOT been given appeals status? Death?
O - out to lunch B- back shortly A= absent M- mistake A - vowed enemy of the United States.
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