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He's been busy ensuring that his name is ahead of the LIBERTARIAN PARTY candidates, McDermott, Edes, Clifton and Person on the last line in the official ballot sent out by the New York state Board of Elections.
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The Presumption of Liberty

Ann272 Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 1:35 AM
As Judge Napolitano notes, much of our written Constitution shows that the Founders were concerned with power --the delegation of power and the restrictions upon the powers so given. We are a union of sovereign states, and the various representatives in the individual states wrote their own Constitutions, which were then cobbled into our national one. (Kentucky's constitution, for instance, ordered that no laws of Great Britian were to be considered valid in our new country after July 4, 1776).
When you vote, look at the BOTTOM LINE, where the third largest party in the nation-- THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY--managed to get on the New York State ballot after Mike McDermott personally delivered more than 30,000 signed petitions in order to qualify for the ballot. The Astorino name appears on a joint "Stop Common Core" COMBINED with Libertarian--thus putting his name ahead of the Libertarian candidates. Dirty work.
Meanwhile, voters in New York State should be aware when they go to the polls that THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY CANDIDATES REPRESENTING THE THIRD LARGEST PARTY IN THE COUNTRY have been seriously undermined in the official ballot offered by the New York State Board of Elections. After submitting more than 30,000 signed petitions in order to be on the ballot in New York State, this has been done through official channels. Astorino has been put on the "Stop Common Core" line AHEAD of the LIBERTARIAN candidates McDermot, Edes Clifton and Person. GO TO THE LIBERTY BELL TO STOP THIS CORRUPT MANIPULATION OF YOUR VOTE!
That photograph said it all back then--the soldier looking at the imposter.
And in New York State, the Board of Elections has infamously put the THIRD LARGEST PARTY IN AMERICA, THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY, on the same line and beneath "Oppose Common Core." This has given Astorino another line, and deprived the gubernatorial candidate, Mike McDermott of his rightful position. Mike McDermott, Libertarian Candidate for the Governor of New York, collected more than the required number of signed petitions, delivered them to Albany in ample time to appear on the ballot, and has now been swept aside by Astorino's crew. VOTE LIBERTARIAN!l VOTE LIBERTY BELL for McDermott, Edes and Clifton.
When the sovereign states which formed the "union" combined their individual constitutions, they retained STATES RIGHTS. Today, New York (wimped out), New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois and Georgia have enacted or are in the process of enacting the 211 day quarantine which will protect our people. When personnel from Doctors Without Borders (which I have admired in the past) return to this country, it is sanctimonious to say the least that they should feel immune to the need to protect the people of THIS country!
Unfortunately, her cold ambition and greed for power, unmasked from her earliest public appearances, has not stopped her rise. Looking at the demographics, she evidently feels that her chances are still high, and I'm afraid that a country which could elect Obama not once but twice might well continue this dreadful downward spiral into a totalitarian country.
And Obama removed the strict controls set in place by President George Bush in his executive order #13295 in 2003 against "cholera, diphtheria and ebola".
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