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Add Muslim sympathies to the mix, and that will change the response.
Ah, yes--she and her boss sure do like calling people "folks." Ably protected by Elijah Cummings and knowing she is untouchable, this woman has been the hand behind the harassment of people like the fine True the Vote chairman --
True- I watched the Oversight hearing on CSPAN where Mrs. Englebrecht bravely faced the sneering and bullying behavior of Elijah Cummings. She replied "I am a free-born American woman and you have forgotten your place." She did NOT mean as a servant, but as a "public servant" -- and he and Norton have created a continuing roadblock for the majority members of this committee to try to overcome. Chairman Issa deserves a Medal of Honor.
Obscene to have this man quoting the Bible.
Representative Darryl Issa should be awarded a Medal of Honor for having continued to steer the Oversight Committee while seated next to Elijah Cummings. Both Cummings and Eleanor Norton (D.C. representative who takes an equal part in hamstringing this Committee) have together blocked action by the committee. For those of us who have followed the meetings on C=Span, it has been frustrating to watch. PRAISE CHAIRMAN ISSA!
A useless wish, but I do wish that Simon & Schuster had not paid her, that it will not be bought or read--though I suppose some of us will want to know just how completely dishonest she is. I am disheartened that she gained so much power in the State Department--which is riddled with people still loyal to her.
After having watched Elijah Cummings (and Norton) doing their usual blocking of any positive result from the Oversight Committee, I assume Cummings will throw another hissy fit to keep the contempt process from completion.
Now we'll see a REAL temper tantrum from Cummings!
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The Meltdown of the Obama Genderhawks

Ann272 Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 8:50 AM
Love Michelle's columns--always right on target. She exemplifies the true modern woman, taking responsibility for her own role and giving generously to the rest of us!
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