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Campaign Scare: Mrs. Romney's Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Ann272 Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 5:48 PM
It is not possible for the generous and warmhearted Romneys to comprehend the vicious and low and meanspirited comments showing below. It is my hope and my prayer that Romney/Ryan will win in November, despite an undoubted attempt to control the outcome by stealing votes, machine "malfunctions" and other machinations. BELIEVE IN AMERICA! GOD BLESS THE ROMNEYS.

Earlier this afternoon, Ann Romney’s flight made an emergency landing in Colorado. After Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney’s wife’s plane was diverted from its path to Omaha, NE we were informed that the plane was filled with smoke. Everyone on board was fine, but nothing has been released concerning the cause of the smoke, besides electrical troubles.

In a recorded conversation between the plane and Denver International Airport’s flight tower, a man’s voice could be heard saying, “We have an electrical issue here and we’re going to declare an emergency.”

“We’ll probably need assistance here,” he said. “We got smoke...