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Retiring Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator and Socialist

Anita2 Wrote: May 23, 2012 10:39 AM
I resent the fact that you call women dumb. Look at what the Conservative party has to offer in women. Very intelligent and knowledgeable people that people like you allow the communist media to ridicule without hardly a word of defense. So don't tell me America's women are dumb. I will admit that some do follow the kool aide just like a big portion of men. Look who does the most defending of Odumbo.

French voters made a major lurch backwards last week when they elected a Socialist for President, Francois Hollande.  For France, it’s not that big a surprise.  To one extent or another they’ve lived under socialism since the middle ages.

Of course having witnessed the oft-tried, always-failed reality of socialism, one wonders why they keep coming back.  After all, it’s their unsustainable approach to the economy that has moved France to third-rate status with a first rate economic disaster.

But as with train wrecks everywhere, France’s election commands our attention momentarily before we shift to something relevant.

Though the state from which...