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Agree with you 100000000000000% my friend. We have to be careful about repubs that are running.
Demos lie and say repubs have a war on women; the democraps have a war on all of the American People. Why aren't the rhinos pushing this?
No, no, no. Don't vote republican because all of the old guard are secretly closet communist, liberal democraps. They just have not come out the closet yet. I used to be a repub but now I am registered Independent. We need to vote conservative all the way. Send new people like us up there to clean up this ungodly mess these 2 parties have created in the last 50 years.
If these democrap are serious and now realize they made a mistake, then join with the conservative repubs and completely repeal the entire, whole bill. If they fail to do this before the 2014 elections then bye, bye. You all know if they get re-elected they will again completely support this communist bill. If this is not their intention then repeal the entire bill right now.
I wonder how close moocha and opra are now. I see opra's old girl friend is not around now. Just thinking out loud.
You got that right.
It is impossible for the good ole boy rhino repubs to unite with the Tea Party Conservatives. They are more in line with the communist, socialist dempcraps.
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