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I hate people who disregard our laws and our country; then demand that they receive all of the freebies that they can extort from honest tax paying hard working Americans. I hate gang members M13, drug dealers, people pushing white slavery. I hate people who think that they are due special compensation for disobeying our laws. I hate criminals, and all of these illegals who cross our borders illegally are criminals. If I'm a racist or I am considered a person who hates babies and latinos because of the stance I take than I am guilty and proud. So I don't want to hear about what a racism I am; because if the new meaning of racism is what I believe than I am guilty, guilty, guilty and proud of it.
Holder your racist remarks carry no ground what so ever. Hell, I heard that you are a racist is you fly the American Flag on public school property the day of that mexican holiday (Cingo bull sheet or something.) So you see, the meaning of the word racist is now a good thing.
Oh now you liberals cry babies are so worried where the conservatives are getting their money. When Clinton was receiving all kind of money from foreigners none of you said one word. What the Supreme Court ruled is a good thing. Anything that upsets you communist. liberal, progressive (or whatever you all are calling yourselves now) is a good thing. This means that America is starting to get on the right tract again.
They need to find out why all of a sudden they are going to turn over these E-mails that were suppose to take years to release because they had so many of them. Do you think, maybe, the damaging ones have been destroyed or what? The fastest, cheapest, and best way to handle this is to completely defund the IRS and all who work for the IRS be fired. This way we get them all. This Dept. has become America's gestapo. All Americans should be very upset about this. Just remember this you liberals there will come a time when the repubs take over and you will be allowing them the same freedom to go after you.
Botox Nancy, payback is hell, isn't it? You commie democraps did not include repubs in your wonderful odumbo care bull. In fact I remember a part where you sorry sobs changed the locks on the door of one of the rooms so that repubs could not even enter; remember. Just think all of this power that you all gave to odumbo will be passed down to a conservative president in 2016. As I said, "Paybacks are hell." Sleep tight.
I wonder where they get this 6.7% unemployment rate. The states that have the lowest unemployment is run by Repub Cons. Governors. If you take each state, state by state the unemployment rate in most of them is way over 6.7%. So how in the world does odumbo get only a 6.7% unemployment rate? Oh, maybe it's figured under the Common Core Bullsheet; do you think?
No wonder Cummings wants the IRS investigation stopped. Now we know this is not a republican political stand. Illegal things have transpired.
Oh no. Not another rich trailer park trash in govenment
Republicans are waging a war against women huh. Democraps are physically beating the hell out of women. The second part is a fact. The first part is communist, socialist lies.
Agree with you 100000000000000% my friend. We have to be careful about repubs that are running.
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