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The triumph of Dionysus over Apollo is the state of our society. God help us.
With Aristotle I hope we can agree that politics is the application of ethics to society. But so many have bought into the notion that "you can't legislate morality." Nonsense. The existence of the EPA is an application, with environmentalists legislating what they consider moral conduct. The problem is that immoral people have come to power to dictate that their unethical "moral code" be the basis of all legislation and executive action and court decisions.
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The Left Versus Minorities

TexasResister64 Wrote: Mar 11, 2014 9:34 AM
That's spelled "leech," I believe, unless you are crafting a neologism playing off the word "teach." I teach in a very good public school, but it's part of the pattern of the wealthy picking the best school district and attendance zone to build or buy their new home, leaving the failing schools and impoverished homeowners and renters in the center city.
OK, let's flesh out those four words with some facts, shall you?
"I feel sorry for those who will soon be living in a nation they do not feel part of. But there is little that can be done about it." With assaults on our liberty here, is he not speaking of us just as much as Ukrainians living in Crimea?
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Jimmy Fallon Pulls Your Finger

TexasResister64 Wrote: Mar 09, 2014 7:44 AM
Amen, Mark, but don't bet any money that this will actually happen. The Left owns the TV airways. They'd never put up with equal treatment.
"We conservatives"? Head Start, the government admits, does not have any long-term benefits. It just makes single moms more available for the low-wage jobs liberals seem to prefer for the poor. The rest of these programs, designed to help the truly disabled, are now used to keep people indentured to Dem's. Really, LAT, don't you think you need to turn on the light and proclaim yourself what you really are? (Oh, and we also know how much true conservatives give to charities, vs what liberals give. Our charities actually help the poor.)
We also keep hearing that O'bama (after all, he's Irish) is the greatest public speaker ever. But as a former speech teacher, I can tell you he would barely pass a class. No real inflection, no ability to speak extemp, let alone impromptu, without a Tprompter. He is monotone and has no real ability to make an analogy without someone else writing it for him.
Perhaps the most famous example of "Come and take it" is the action of the citizens of Gonzales, Texas, in 1835, when the Mexican government did such a thing and came to take their self-defense CANNON. We all know how well that turned out for Santa Anna in the end.
Putin has read Sun Tzu and von Moltke. Obama read Marx and Alinsky. Both have read Machiavelli. Neither seem to have read and comprehended the Gospels. Pray for Ukraine.
1. Switzerland works because everyone has guns and there is no massive superpower greedy for land and sovereignty next door. Oh, and all the big shots from overseas use their banks. 2. For many years I have omitted the word "indivisible" when reciting the Pledge.
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