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Also: "Eric Holder’s view that activism is beneficial necessary to be attorney general, underscores this administration’s perverse view of our civilian economy" is incoherent.
The people who in high school read Brave New World and Animal House and said "they have great ideas" are now running the country.
Well-written commentary on the repetition of idiocy we are now knee-deep in. Except Hitler was a "soldier," not a "solider" (although he was always a little bit emotionally liquid) and most of the people who died on Gallipoli were Aussies and Kiwis. May they all rest in peace.
"Virtually all phase as family incomes rise, either by securing higher hourly pay or working more hours, and impose an effective marginal tax rate as high as 50 percent." Would somebody please translate this sentence into English?
The 209,000 jobs "created" works out to an average of 4,000 per state. That's "robust"? And we know that the jobs being created are in states with an environment hospitable to business.
My article, "Contracepting Social Security" is available on line. Social Security would have worked if our population had kept growing. The Pill killed it.
Well argued. Also consider why the push on Republicans to zip up the MW by $3 or more. If they had asked for fifty cents or a buck, the Republicans would have probably negotiated a "yes" and the Dems would have little to campaign on. So you ask for a 30 or 40% increase and only an idiot economist would be unable to see the immediate job loss that would result. So they fight back and look like blue meanies. or maybe red meanies. It's all political theater.
This is too good. This is why real science is done with peer-reviewed work. I recall an excellent case in which I submitted for publication a paper on the physical reaction kinetics of dry ice. The peers helped me catch an error that caused me to totally rethink the project. The paper was never published and a possible source of embarrassment (I have had many) was quashed.
This thing keeps coming back, even though it's a remarkably bad idea. Here's another reason it's bad: it sets a precedent. I have long said that the biggest reason for homosexual practitioners wanting to be mainstreamed, and their behavior legitimized, is that they want reparations for all the damages done by anti-homosexual behaviors. The demand is going to be made, mark my words.
Nonsense. The principle of insurance is tied up in paying a little bit for an unlikely risk. The insurance company reserves enough to pay for future claims. But when you make the insurer pay for little stuff, like well checkups, contraceptives, etc, you simply load up the front-end expenses and push up premiums to cover it. The well-run company only has enough employees to manage the claims, agents and investments. Destroy insurance and you make everyone take all the risks, and then when a major disaster happens, they run to Uncle and demand a bailout, ala FEMA.
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TexasResister64 Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 5:49 AM
This is absolutely on target. Who knows how many people have been squelched in their expression because they know with all the fed regulations they probably do transgress three per day, and could be bankrupted by a prosecution?
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