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We Should Reform Child Support

AngloRights Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 2:33 AM
Speaking from experience it is all about the money... The state prosecutes on the mother's behalf when support is in arrears, but they have no assistance what so ever for the father when visitation isn't allowed. Lose your job, and get behind on support, and all they want to do is prosecute, they have no interest in trying to adjust your payments and make it work, they tell you to "HIRE AN ATTORNEY" and petition the court to have payments reduced. With what??? If I could have afforded to hire an attorney, I could have afforded to make payments. Betweens taxes and child support I was living on 25% of my salary, when I lost my job and made 25% of what I was previously, my support payments were more than I was making annually. I lived a block and half from my family, I asked my children over repeatedly, the only time they ever showed up was when there were gifts to be had... Christmas and Birthdays. I questioned my ex about it and she said she wasn't going to force them to visit. I never had a problem with my children, I simply had a problem with my wife. I and my children got along beautifully BEFORE my divorce. Then to punish you for being late with child support payments, the court takes your driver's license away, so you can't get to work, or drive for work. They don't care if you lose your job, or are forced to take a cut in pay. The court forces you into being a fugitive in attempt to make your payments. One thing I did however learn, and that was that nearly all Judges have lead a very hard life. Over 75% of the judges I went before, while battling child support, told me in court, on the record, that they put themselves through law school while working 2 jobs, and supporting a family!!! /o:? Yeah right! Anyone, with half a brain, can look up a family's worth, if they're even a little computer savvy. Yes, the system needs to be reformed. If you can't find a job locally, they don't need to demand you drive 60 miles to look for one. The stupidity behind telling that you need to find 2 jobs that you can't afford to drive to, after support payments and taxes are withheld was almost laughable. They don't need to demand you sell all of your earthly possessions and move into an efficiency apartment 60 miles away from your children, so you can ride the bus back and forth to work, and live destitute because they take every penny you have. The system is broken, it has been for years, and it is definitely beyond need of reform!