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It isn't about smoking, it's all about exercising control. They don't want you to smoke so they don't want to promote the e-cigarette which stops people from smoking. That makes a lot of sense!! Typical liberal B_S_ logic.
Education might serve some purpose, at least maybe they'd learn to call a magazine a magazine, rather than a magazine clip ammunition feeding device. And, not assume that once the ammunition was fired out of it, that you disposed of it. They might also learn that the color black does not make a weapon anymore deadly. Nor does a pistol grip. Nor does a threaded barrel. Nor does a flash supressor. They might learn that there is no Gun Show loophole. The same laws apply at Gun Shows that apply everywhere else. If you're a dealer you still fill out paperwork and do background checks. If you're a private citizen, you have every right to sell a gun out of the trunk of your car. Private citizens are not allowed to sell at most gun shows, the promoter does not want the liability. There are no guns sold on the internet. You cannot ship them, except through a Federal Firearms Dealer. Some folks may find guns to purchase on the internet, and private transactions may ensue, but that is no different than finding the transaction on the bulleting board at the local grocery store, or in the want ads of the local paper. They might learn that you cannot go to another state and purchase a handgun from a dealer outside the state or residence. You have to take possession of a handgun in the state of residence. The list here is endless! There are all sorts of things they could be taught, IFFFF they are teachable. Which that is at best questionable.
They vote party lines regardless of what their constituents tell them. Florida - Senator Bill Nelson - Website ran a poll on the so called Assault Weapons Ban. 95,000 people voted in said pole over 90% of them were opposed to the Ban. Senator Nelson being the good Democrat he is, voted party lines and followed King Obama's orders in trying to take away our Semi-Automatic Hunting Rifles. Yeah Bill! Hope Obama registered to vote in Florida, because you lost 90,000 votes on that call.
OK so 24% of the sign ups are healthy young people. How many of them are making above $35,000 per year, and actually paying into the program? Because if you make below the $35,000 mark, then the subsidies kick in and you pay $2/month for a gold plan. Meaning even if 24% of the sign ups are young people, it is highly likely that most of those are not supporting anyone in signing up.
If there were even a remote chance man could influence weather, Democrats would be lying about making it rain tomorrow. Or, shutting off the rain in flood events. But they don't, all they can lie about is some far distant weather event, for which they will all be long gone from office and cannot be held accountable when it doesn't materialize.
I'm guessing his computer runs on electricity generated at least in majority part, if not wholely by coal fired generation. And, he probably has a light or two on the house, and there is no doubt a refrigerator and a stove in the house, very liekly a microwave oven, and a television of course... Oh shoot, let's just on with it... He's a hypocite!
Deport 14 million illegal aliens, reduce unemployment benefits. Pull your heads out democrats!
Someone needs to commit Obama and Biden.
He wants the population disarmed, it will be easier to declare martial law and assume the role of dictator. If you doubt it look at the sporting goods taxed in Obamacare under the medical manufacturers clause. Fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing lures, bows, arrows, pickups, SUVs, tires, boats, watercraft. Just a whole list of goodies. What isn't there... Guns and ammunition! Still think the Democrats ultimate plan isn't to take all guns and ammo??? Record gun sales since Obama won the Democratic Primary in 2007, and they left them off the list of things to tax??? Really???
BINGO! You have just hit the nail on the head!!! Personally, I don't buy the born gay argument. I have never once seen a child pop out of the womb and say, "Dammmmm... I got stuck with this body! I wanted to be the other sex!!" While I have known a few homosexuals over the course of my life, most of them decided to be gay after they were adults, and became sexually active. That makes it a choice.
Phil clearly pointed out that he neither judged nor ranked sinners, that it was not his position to do so. That was god's job, and only his job. So Phil Robertson was not wrong in those remarks. Considering the LGBT community comprises only 2% - 3% of the population in the US, I would dare say there are far more adulterers, liars, thieves, etc. that have repented. The odds are quite simply in the remainder of society's favor. Even if you take out the non-believers, the odds would be greater. And, the reason people have zero tolerance for the LGBT community, is because we don't care what they do in their bedroom; we just don't want to hear about it. There was nothing wrong with don't ask, don't tell. We are sick and dammed tired of having our tolerance, (spelled "A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E", "P-R-A-I-S-E", and "B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G-S"), demanded by those who choose that lifestyle, that we would simply like to by.tch slap all of them back into the closet. Why do we have to tolerate more gays on TV in an hour, that we encounter in our daily lives in MONTHS??? Why do they feel our children should be indoctinated to their lifestyle before they are old enough to understand their own sexuality??? Why must business owners be FORCED to work for gays by the courts, when they have the right to refuse service any one else? If I had to bring suit against someone to have him bake my wedding cake, I think I'd be a little worried about eating said cake. Bottomline is... it is all ridiculous! The LGBT community needs to go live their lives quietly, wherever they feel compelled, and quit trying to force their lifestyle upon the rest of us, demanding that we be "tolerant". We were tolerant, until they drove us to the point of intolerance.
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