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And why would American tax paying citizens want a new car smell in our White House? Because only the elite uber wealthy 1% got a 'Heap' of Cash (taxpayer money) from the rotten smelling 'clunker' the 'stupid' people put in our Oval Office in 2008 and 2012. Cash for Clunkers..redistribution of middle class earnings into the pockets of the corrupt wealthy elite.
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It's Better Now

anglers reward Wrote: Oct 01, 2014 1:52 PM
It's because everything was better than ever that everything that has threatened our Republic,American citizens, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law in the last 6 years has been 'on purpose'. Commentators often point to obama's use of 'props'. You would think by now they'd realize the American people are smart enough to know that it's obama that is the 'prop' and our executive branch is being run by the Global Progressive Elites.
Wasn't Ambassador Stevens 'at work' in Benghazi? Guess he was a victim of 'work-place' violence just like the slaughtered military at Fort Hood and the beheaded woman in Moore, Oklahoma. So, to be 'politically correct' the term 'assasin' must be changed to 'unhappy worker'.
Remember 'WhiteWater' and the documents hillary shredded back then. While obama has a drone 'Kill List', hillary (and others) just may have had a Benghazi 'Capture and Kidnap List'. If the Power of the executive branch can make documents and emails disappear, have certain people disappeared or are about to go missing?
If the youth of South America are fleeing thru Mexico to our Southern borders because of violence, WHERE do the youth of Chicago flee? Canada? The real reason obama will do nothing about our Marine imprisoned in Mexico nor respond to the petition to the White House of over 100 thousand Americans is because Fox News was first to cover the story and continues to cover it. obama is 'punishing' Fox News. And he doesn't care that he is illuminating the fact that he doesn't give a rats backside about any and all Military Men and Women. No matter how many times he lies that he does.
The 'Transparency' of Lists...obama has his 'kill list', the IRS has it's Tea Party and conservative 'target list', the NSA has it's World Wide 'wire tapping list', the DOJ has it's 'free illegal alien murders, rapists and violent criminals list' and it's 'sue the States list', HHS and obamacare has it's 'death panel list', the VA has it's 'let them wait and Die list' and the 'Never to be Exposed List' of the State Dept. under hillary and the CIA of 'let's hire kidnappers of an Ambassador in Libya list' to swap for the release of the blind shiekh as demanded by the muslim brotherhood,
Think about this. The obamas 'earned' a bit less than a half a million last year to pat taxes on. But, they 'SPENT' hundreds of MILLIONS of hard working Americans taxpayer money on their lavish 'lifestyle' of entertainment and extrordinarily expensive vacations. Talk about 'entitlement'? Yet, Senior citizens who 'paid' into Social Security and Medicare for decades are being slammed for believing we are 'entitled'. At least, we're 'entitled' to what was taken out our paychecks and the decades of interest it should have 'earned' for We the People taxpayers and NOT the crooks in Washington.
maybe obama taught this while teaching Constitutional Law, afterall he thinks there are 57 States. And then there's the dem in congress that believes too many people on an island will tip it over. Transparency, you bet, stupid people vote for stupid crooks. But then, we're still screwed by the smart people who vote for the smart crooks.
Progressive liberals have 'Happy Panties' that over 2 million more people will be out of work so they can procreate miillions more illegitimate democrate voters on welfare.
We the People, our Republic, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Rule of Law have already been the target of obama's 'catastrophic' weapons of mass destruction; a PEN and a TELEPHONE manipulated by the enemies of our Nation's Judeo-Christian Foundation.
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