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Right! Chilling reminder :(
Christ is however always first and if a husband/wife/family are called to the mission field, they are called to the mission field. Good acrostic - JOY (Jesus, others, yourself last)
I agree totally - many in these "hellholes" have never heard the name of Christ, whereas we definitely have access here.
I believe Judas was more concerned about the cost as well in a similar situation.
Good point Bob - I agree that if she knew missionary doctors and/or missionaries personally, she would not be making such an absurd claim.
We are discussing an opinion piece by Ann, since when is that "hard truth" - truth to you and Ann? Obviously, a lot of people disagree with her "opinion". And you are right, Christians are vilified, especially by liberals and the media, so it does not help when Ann slams fellow Christians for what they are called to do. Glad for you that you agree with her "opinion" but hard truth is - it is an "opinion".
Right, I am a little concerned as well as I have disagreed with a lot of her columns lately, those you mention - picking fights with those that are on her side. I love her humor and of course want her to give her honest opinion, but she should realize that not all of her supporters will agree with her 100% of the time, especially when she decides to discuss someone's motives in relation to faith.
I do not agree with "vicious attacks" but Ann dishes out a lot of "attacks" on people in her articles regularly, in an effort to make her point with humor. It is ironic so many disagreed with her and maybe did not choose the best way to disagree but I bet the emotions were high as many Christians know the sacrifices of serving in other countries so when she accused the doctor of doing his work for the heroic recognition alone hence that is why he went to Liberia, she had some "attacks" and accusations herself, as she does in this article about the various commenters that disagreed with her - trying to demean them (I also know of Russell Moore who is a well respected man). I think if she is willing to say some of the crude things she says to make her point, she can handle some criticism as well.
The reason it is missing is because he explains the doctors and international missionaries are not just their to for humanitarian efforts but to spread the gospel. His disagreement with Ann related to not the humanitarian side but the spreading of the gospel by these missionaries, who she lumped in a group saying they do it as a form of "heroics".
Well, this article is a total disappointment. Without spending time explaining why I totally disagree with Ann's original article and her attacking those that disagree with her in this one, I will just say the article August 8th in response to the original by Dr. Al Mohler says it best in my opinion. I know several missionaries that do not do mission work as a humanitarian effort but as the great commission instructed in the Bible to all of us. Most of the missionaries do not receive any kind of recognition for their efforts and we are called to pray for them as they spread the word about Jesus. I wonder if Ann has thought about if the gospel had not come here for her to hear it and they just kept it in their "borders" for their country alone, which would totally defy the very mission God calls us to. We would not be having this conversation at all if it were not for the great commission of sharing with the world and as I said, I know missionaries from my own church in other countries, where they risk their lives regularly and no one is allowed to know where they are and I also know of missionaries in New York and other places spreading the gospel to those places as well - not humanitarian effort but telling people about Jesus because in the end that is all that matters. And, churches do share money/food in addition to that as well.
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Angie74 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:08 AM
I did too - wonder what the deal is?
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