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Typical - can anyone name me one democrat with 1 ounce of character and is not a known liar?? Just ONE!!
That is why politics cannot be about party - we should look at the character of the man and Tim Scott, Allen West, etc. have much greater character than any democrat, black, white or purple!
Heck, the NAACP would be against MLK - he looked beyond color and had conservative values. The NAACP is a mouthpiece for the white libs which is a real shame. Just look at how deceived they are to support planned parenthood, the founder being a racist herself.
Okay, so is anyone concerned that the NAACP is the "National Advancement...of Colored People" - yet they attack fellow "colored" people - that is a red flag and shows how dumb the followers are of that group. I think that organization is not needed - we have a black president - what purpose do they serve if they eat their own?
Fishers, I was thinking that too - I definitely think the conservatives have the monopoly on beautiful women. A lot of butchy liberal wome IMO.
I would have to disagree but to each their own.
I hope I look half that good at 50! Nice try Lois.
I love me some Sarah Palin - hope she has a fabulous birthday! The woman represents my values beautifully!!! :D
It is a real shame that so many are deceived - it is so typical that you have leaders of a group that was formed to help a group of people (in his case blacks) but instead are leading them astray. That is the true problem in our culture today - the lies are being spread and the people are not paying attention. It is the liberals that are out of touch - just see who they hang with - do we really think Obama and Hollywood truly understand the middle class or the care about blacks getting a good education, etc. MSNBC proves daily who the real racists and bigots are but people are not paying attention.
"Parents love their children far more the government does"!! Amen! That could be said for people too - we love people more than government loves people which is why charity organizations do far more to help than government which is why conservatives oppose government making our healthcare choices!!
Ken Ham is not "forcing assumptions" he is merely debating an opposing view.
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