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I love how the progressives/liberals - whatever they call themselves these days, find creative ways to prevent the truth - "lack of transparency equals lie", pro choice equals pro abortion/murder...this is what they have been doing to get their policies passed from the beginning and the most honest thing this guy said was as much - if they told the truth, the people would not pass it, PERIOD. I am dumbfounded that so many still support these loons.
Very well said, Michael. I could not agree more.
The democrats have to lie because they cannot get elected on their policies PERIOD. Too bad so many people don't realize this. An honest debate on policies and history - republican message wins every time!
And you feel like you should decide what Mr. Brantley should do for his family or as a parent?
Obviously if he had dreams of being a missionary doctor since childhood, I would think his wife knew that before she married him and I am sure it was discussed and supported. I do not know the doctor or his family and I assume you do not either so not our place to judge that. She may attend lots of trips with him along with the family. And, ironically I am married to a man that used to travel for his sport - I supported his desire and we travelled some when we got married and had children. I did not ask him to give it up as I knew what I was getting when we got married - our choice and no one elses. I would not have given him an ultimatum because I believe marriage commitment is sacred and do not believe in divorce.
What you say makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Jesus rebuked the wealthy young follower when he was sad he would have to give up His wealth to follow Jesus because he loved his wealth more than he loved Jesus. Jesus then turned to his disciples and used that as an example of why it is hard for wealthy people to go to heaven (they fall in love with their wealth in a lot of cases and are blinded by it). Satan was constantly attacking Jesus through various means before He died on the cross and in that instance, through Peter. Not sure where you were going with the comparison at all?
I will say one more thing - how unfortunate that we have establishment versus tea party that the democrats and liberals salivate over - now we have Ann fanning the flames on Christian debate (who are strong conservatives). I knew Ann was not as conservative as I was when she was all giddy about Christie, then she has been rude about tea party people, now she is picking this argument to continue to defend - not helpful at all - okay to have your opinion but if you are truly concerned about the politics, you may want to go back to attacking issues the other side supports.
You lost me on #2 and how it relates to the article?
That is exactly what popped in my head and why I had to comment on that. Very relevant here - there is no price for trying to reach the lost.
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