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Nick, you have lost your patriot's yardstick. Fist on the scales of stupidity and smartness, this, Obama era surpasses anything the USA has done since the Civil War, where the southerners spent their families and fortunes tilting at windmills. The stupidity is the electorate that put Obama and his thieves in office, and the smartness has been the Democratic-Communist party in pulling that off. Anyone who does not recognize these facts is a liar or is too naive to vote. The only cause every American citizen of voting age must follow NOW is to vote democrats out of office this fall. They are the enemy. Period.
Your Lap Dog analogy is seriously unbalanced. That like declaring publicly that your mother is a lap dog for your father.
Washington mentality today is so jaded that they do not see right vs wrong any more. Every act is viewed through the prism of either "Right-for-ME" or "Disadvantageous for ME". For our money supply and government spending, that prism needs instead to be "Right for the country's present and future prosperity". In that vein, the Dollar must be stabilized and rise. Of that there is NO doubt. The economy has recently seriosusy faltered. The cause for emergency stabilization is long past and is now overdone. At the same time serious undermining socialistic measures have been set in place. Or politics ave been badly bent. Only John Boehner and his colleagues have the power; the "Hammer", to stop this trend and to reverse it by holding the debt ceiling, arrest obamacare spending and stop Illegal Immigration. All easily invoked, given the Will of the People (not that of Tyrannical Obama, Reed and Pelosi)
Long ago, I classified B.O. as pure JERK. Now he's proven himself to be a Tyrannical opportunist hell-bent to turn America into a Communist Nation. It's now up to our Republican Representatives to immediately invoke Impeachment proceedings tout de suite.
Blessed are the youth of this moment, as they witness and learn from this LIVE presentation of "Government Tyranny".
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