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White Males Not Wanted at DNC

Angel56 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 1:13 PM
If you are really that afraid of God, His One and Only Son Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit, who indwells those who have taken Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savioiur, and are living a life pleasing to HIM, then you have nothing to fear-- not even Death itself, since you will also have the knowledge that you WILL GO TO HEAVEN when you die! Life here on Earth is but a blip when you consider ALL ETERNITY!!!

Listening to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and reading the latest headlines that say that the president’s new constituency form does not have a place for whites or for men, I have to ask myself, what does the Democratic Party have against old, white men? Joe Biden is an old white man. Harry Reid is an old white man; Barney Frank is an old white man. Michael Moore is a white man and a darn rich one, at that.

In fact as a young liberal, nearly all of many the liberals I knew growing up were white. I have to confess I am...

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