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Obama's Contempt for Law (Chavismo Comes to Washington)

Angel56 Wrote: Apr 11, 2012 12:20 PM
It's said that you take into later life, what you learned as a child. Don't blame Chicago for how he turned-out. Apparently, he learned his rude, crude, bullying behaviour waaaay before he ever lived in Chicago. What DO they teach their kids in Africa???
Last month the Obamas hosted a White House conference on bullying. It was intended as a show of support for victims, but watching this president in action, it might just as easily have been a tutorial.

We've gotten glimpses of Obama's intimidating instincts from the beginning. Now as his administration flounders, his aggressiveness is becoming less and less veiled.

His first targets, as so often with bullies, were unpopular figures that few were inclined to defend. At a 2009 meeting with bankers, Obama arranged the atmospherics to convey his displeasure. According to Politico, whereas White House meetings are usually comfortable affairs with...