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Obama Makes Foul Call for Economic 'Fairness'

Andy576 Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 10:15 AM
Once people understand that the Dems have been lying to them on this subject for decades (since Kennedy, in fact) and the way out of this mess is lower taxes (and lower spending), they will vote for Romney in droves.

You have got to give credit where credit is due.

President Barack Obama has laid out the core message of his re-election campaign. It is a message whose claims are blatantly false and whose point is irrelevant to what is of greatest concern to Americans today.

Despite this, there is no evidence so far that his strategy and messaging is not working and won't be successful.

In his speech Tuesday at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, the president defined what he called "the defining issue of our time."

This defining issue, per the president, appears to...