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Why Republicans Are to Blame for the Fiscal Cliff

Andy544 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 1:32 PM
Two political parties in this country: the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party Lite. BOTH are Keynesian socialist in nature, BOTH have irresponsibly brought this nation to the financial brink by spending MORE than the nation has earned for many, many years. Now, the 'ballon payment' for a 16 TRILLION dollar debt is coming due, and all the outraged 'conservatives' who for decades lived high on the largesse provided by debt-fueled Government, now look to the Democratic Party Lite to save them! A sad, pitiful farce, based on manipulation, corruption, and self-deception, is coming to a close! The GOP has been 'in on' this mess, almost from the start!
Andy544 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 1:35 PM
The only 'difference' between the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party Lite is they had different 'cash cows' and 'beneficiaries' to throw their deficit dollars at!
America is about to plunge over the so-called fiscal cliff -- and Americans are fighting mad about it. According to the latest polls, 77 percent of Americans believe that the fiscal cliff -- a combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts set to kick in at the beginning of 2013 -- will hurt them personally. A full 70 percent of Americans want a compromise solution. And 67 percent believe that political leaders will act like "spoiled children."

Most important, though, Americans blame Republicans for the situation. While just 34 percent of Americans blame President Obama for the current fiscal cliff...